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Nearly every day, our office receives phone calls from business owners that are desperately looking for a solution to their small-business debts. Whether it be an MCA debt (Merchant Cash Advance), a business loan, a line-of-credit, or even a commercial credit card, it can be tough to know where to turn when you can no longer afford to make the minimum payments.

It’s no wonder that some businesses are panicking since many lenders are prepared to bring court lawsuits to collect on defaulted accounts. Even more worrisome are the lenders that have obtained signed COJ’s (Confessions of Judgment) that allow them to obtain an expedited judgment in New York, without having to prove the elements of their claim. Vacating a confession of judgment has its own set of challenges and such relief is usually limited to very specific circumstances.

Although settling business debt can be a challenging feat, our office has been able to help a number of small businesses restructure their debts into an affordable arrangement, thereby keeping their doors open and avoiding a potential bankruptcy liquidation. Furthermore, if there is a personal guaranty on file, the guarantor may avoid adverse collection activity by entering into an arrangement with their lender.

Reducing business loans can sometimes be achieved by negotiating with the lender to lower the monthly payments. The same strategy can be utilized to reduce MCA daily payments and other types of distressed commercial accounts.

Business Debt Lawyers


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Read about our recent success stories:

  1. Business Loan Settlement: Settled a $175,000 business loan from Can Capital for a payment of $30,000, saving the small-business client about $145,000.
  2. American Express Lawsuit Settlement: Settled a $96,000 lawsuit for $37,000 on a business credit card debt, saving the client about $59,000.
  3. Merchant Cash Advance Lawsuit: Settled a $242,000 lawsuit for $150,00 on an MCA debt with BizFi / Merchant Cash & Capital, saving the client approximately $92,000.
  4. Business Loan Negotiation: Settled a $135,000 business debt for a lump sum of $30,000, achieving a reduction of nearly $100,000.
  5. OnDeck loan settlement: Settled a commercial loan in the amount of $57,000 for a one-time payment of $8,800, achieving a reduction of approximately 85%!

If you're seeking assistance resolving a small-business debt, you can count on our dedicated New York Debt Relief Lawyers to provide you with trustworthy guidance and advice. Although results can vary substantially on a case to case basis, our legal team will always work fervently to achieve the best results possible for our clients. We offer a no-cost phone consultation to help determine whether we can assist with your matter, and if so, we can help you build a strategic plan to maximize your chances of a successful resolution.

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