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Merchant Cash Advance Reduced By $92,000 (Bizfi)

Merchant Cash Advance Default

There are a variety of traditional vehicles for business financing, including; credit cards, lines of credit, and commercial loans. However, over the past few years, it has become increasingly popular for businesses to cover their capital needs by taking an advance against their anticipated credit card receivables, known as a Merchant Cash Advance, or MCA.

In an MCA, the lender will buy-out a portion of the business' merchant receivables for a set period of time, in order to recoup the amount advanced, plus a sizable fee. The funding company will oftentimes require daily or weekly payments, and may require the business owner to personally guaranty repayment in the event of default. Worst of all, many funding companies are requiring borrowers to sign a Confession of Judgment, which expedites the legal process in the event of non-payment of the cash advance debt.

If you're left with no choice other then defaulting on a merchant cash advance loan, it's important to understand the consequences of default, and the potential resolution options, which may include:

  1. Settling the MCA for a reduced amount;
  2. Restructuring the daily or weekly payments under a more affordable schedule.

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Example MCA Negotiation

In this example, a financially distressed business retained our firm to assist with resolving a defaulted Merchant Cash Advance owed to Merchant Cash & Capital a/k/a Bizfi Funding. Although the business repaid a portion of the cash advance, there was a remaining balance of about $242,000.

MCC/Bizfi initiated a lawsuit in New York within just a few months of when the business defaulted, abd they filed a UCC-1 statement, perfecting their security interest. Only a lawyer licensed in New York could defend this company from the merchant cash lawsuit.Their agents made repeated demands for repayment in full. This was simply impossible for the borrower. If they were forced to repay in full immediately, it could have resulted in the business closing down, or even filing for bankruptcy from protection from creditors.

After defending the business and negotiating arduously, the parties agreed to settle the matter for $150,000. This is a savings of approximately $92,000 from the balance. Upon receiving the settlement payment, Merchant Cash & Capital a/k/a Bizfi Funding discontinued the lawsuit and filed a UCC-3 statement, extinguishing their collateralized security interest.

Through the efforts of our New York merchant cash advance attorney the settlement that was achieved helped the business owner:

  1. Substantially reduce the MCA debt;
  2. End the merchant cash advance lawsuit and avoid potential judgment;
  3. Alleviated concerns about seizure of business assets; and
  4. Avoid filing for personal and/or business bankruptcy.

Most importantly, by being relieved of the debt associated with the cash advance, the borrower was able to continue operating his business, service his other loans, and focus on generating profits.

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