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American Express Lawsuit Settled With Jaffe & Asher LLP (39%)

The Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC provides a comprehensive suite of debt relief services, including defending consumers and businesses from collection lawsuits in New York and New Jersey. In this article, we are highlighting a case brought in Supreme Court by the law firm of Jaffe & Asher LLP for credit card debt.

The borrower initially contacted our office for an evaluation of his case. He received a lawsuit from American Express in an amount of approximately $96,000, against his company, and him personally (under a personal guaranty). He met with Attorney Simon Goldenberg in our Brooklyn, NY office location and subsequently retained the firm for representation. Our goals were clear:

  1. Provide aggressive defense so as to avoid judgment;
  2. Verify the legitimacy of the claim;
  3. Raise the threshold for American Express to prove its case; and
  4. If the claim appears valid, work to negotiate a settlement reduction prior to trial.

American Express Credit Card Lawsuit Defense


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American Express, by and through their attorneys at Jaffe & Asher llp, asserted several causes of action action in their complaint. We prepared a comprehensive answer in which, in part, we made Amex aware that the borrower had:

  • disputed certain transactions;
  • that their pleadings are contradictory;
  • that the balance is incorrect; and
  • that they failed to comply with conditions precedent.

Nearly a year after we commenced defense of the lawsuit, our attorneys were able to negotiate an arrangement whereby the full balance would be settled for about $37,000, to be paid over a period of 16 months. Jaffe & Asher llp subsequently discontinued the lawsuit and the borrower was no longer concerned that his assets would be seized. By taking advantage of this lawsuit settlement, the borrower stands to save nearly $59,000.

If you’ve been served with a lawsuit from American Express for credit card debts, call our lawyers to learn how we can help. Contact us at (888) 301-0584 to schedule your free evaluation.