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New York City Debt Relief Lawyers

If you’re looking for relief from your debts then you might already know how stressful the collection process can be. Regardless of whether you’re saddled with overwhelming credit card debts, business loans, or large student loan payments, you’ll want a seasoned attorney to help guide you to a fair resolution.

At the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC, we help New Yorkers get the professional legal help they need to take back control of their finances and their life.

Some of the financial assistance services that our debt lawyers offer:

Debt Settlement

If you’re struggling to pay off defaulted credit cards, private student loans, medical debts, or car loans but don’t want to file for bankruptcy, you might be able to settle your debts for substantially less then what you owe. In some situations, a debt reduction could be structured to allow the borrower to pay the settlement amount in affordable monthly installments.

Our skilled debt settlement lawyers will analyze your information to determine the applicable hardship and other factors that can bring leverage into the negotiations. We use this information to help the collector understand why the borrower has a genuine need to reduce their debt, and a sincere inability to repay under the original terms. In each and every matter, our negotiators strive to obtain the best possible settlement terms available under the circumstances.

Our goal when engaging in a dialogue to settle debt is to reduce the amount that you owe and to get you a more manageable repayment plan. However, not every account qualifies for debt settlement. If your debt lies primarily in student loans, utility bills, or unpaid taxes, you may need to consider another debt relief option.

Business Debt Reduction

Unlike debts incurred by consumers, business debts are generally not governed by collection laws such as the FDCPA. As such, collectors sometimes pursue business debtors with aggressive tactics such as incessant phone calls and sending letters threatening imminent legal action.

The experienced business debt relief attorneys at our law office can help mitigate the amount of collector contact and can work to restructure or even reduce business debts owed to merchant cash advance, corporate credit cards, outstanding vendor invoices, and business loans. New York business owners can potentially resolve their obligations and avoid filing for bankruptcy protection.


For those who don’t qualify for debt settlement, bankruptcy may be the best option for debt relief. Our bankruptcy counsel practices throughout New York City and can help determine which chapter fits your circumstances best.

With Chapter 7, our attorneys will help identify your nonexempt assets to minimize the risk of liquidation. Many of our clients have been able to retain their primary home, vehicles, jewelry, and some cash while discharging their unsecured credit cards, utility bills, and medical debts. If you qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we can assist you in preparing a repayment plan based on your income and expenses and proposing it to the court. Trust us to provide you with competent planning and advice on your bankruptcy matter.

Lawsuit Defense

If your inability to repay debts has led you to be sued in New York, you have a limited amount of time to take action in order to preserve your rights and defenses. As part of our litigation services, our attorneys will assert any pertinent defenses and counterclaims, and will help avoid entry of a default judgment. We can fight to ensure that the lawsuit is valid, and when appropriate, to come to a reasonable arrangement to settle the outstanding claims. Don’t let the creditor get the upper hand! Let our attorneys fight to get you the best results.

Student Loan Debt Resolution

Staying on top of expensive student loan payments can be difficult and stressful. If you’ve fallen behind on your payments or you’ve been forced to default your loan because of an inability to meet the minimum payment, we can help. We assist our clients through student loan consolidation, rehabilitation, settlements, or even discharge.

Credit Report Correction

Being in debt can hurt your credit, making it difficult to get loans or credit cards in the future. Many people suffer from a low credit score due to erroneous or mistaken information being place on their reports. The negative information may belong to another person entirely, but can show up on the wrong report. If your credit report has been damaged due to errors or debts that don’t belong to you, you may need legal assistance to help fix your bad credit report. Our law firm can guide you towards the path of financial health.

We Sue Debt Collectors

Debt collectors don’t always go about their practices legally, and for someone without experience, knowing what is legal and what is illegal can be confusing. If you believe you’ve been the victim of illegal tactics from a debt collector, we can help pursue the agency and maybe able to obtain a monetary settlement in your favor. Don’t let aggressive debt collectors harass you into submission. Our trustworthy legal advocates are ready to assist.

Debt Relief Attorneys in New York City

When seeking help with settling a student loan or credit card debt, filing for bankruptcy, fighting a lawsuit, or fixing bad credit, count on our New York City lawyers to provide you with reliable guidance and sound advice. Don’t try to fight your debt battles alone. At the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC, we can help you find the debt relief that you need, regardless of how much is owed.

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Our debt relief lawyers assist with legal matters throughout New York State. Our NYC offices are based in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Nassau County Long Island, and for the convenience of the residents of upstate New York, we maintain a satellite law office in Binghamton, NY.