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If you have been sued over a debt in New York, do not hesitate to speak to a committed debt lawsuit defense attorney from the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC. Our firm has defended many clients against the serious repercussions of losing a debt lawsuit. We are ready to put our successful experience to work for your benefit.

Your first step if you have received a summons should be to confirm the legitimacy of the lawsuit by calling the court to confirm the index number or by contacting our office directly. We can help you look up the case using the e-courts system. At our New York law firm, we are prepared to help you resolve the claim. From the very beginning, we take a standpoint of aggressive defense by obliging the debt collection agencies to prove that you owe the amount at hand - whether the alleged loans consist of credit card debts, car repossessions, cell phone debts, medical bills, student loans, or some other type of loan.

Remember, they are required to carry the burden of proof, not you! The attorneys at our New York debt relief firm know how to pursue a case resolution to the maximum advantage of our clients. We are committed to pushing for the rights and interests of the men and women we represent, ensuring that you receive strong and effective advocacy and a helping hand every step of the way.

Helping New York Residents Regain Financial Freedom

When you retain a New York debt relief lawyer from the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC, rest assured that we are here not only to help you get out of your current debt situation but also to achieve a better future. As an aggressive and knowledgeable firm with a case history of success, our team at the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC wants to help you find renewed financial independence and health. Whatever your debt situation may be, let us advocate for your rights and interests both in court and out of court.

As an aggressive and committed debt relief law firm, we are poised to serve men and women throughout New York City - including Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, and Long Island. Do not wait another day before receiving the help and advice you need during a complimentary initial case consultation with a caring and experienced New York debt collection defense attorney. Our firm is passionate about helping men and women just like you experience renewed financial health in New York City. Call the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC today to schedule a meeting that could change your life.

Have you been sued or contacted by a New York Debt Collection Law Firm?

Our lawyers have extensive experience with defending client's from lawsuits from many of New York's debt collection agencies. Depending on the client's case and circumstances, our attorneys will help build a strategy that could include aspects of debt defense litigation, debt disputing, and debt settlement. Even if you have a default judgment, we might be able to help you avoid wage garnishment, bank levy, and real property liens.

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Has a debt-buyer attempted to collect an old credit card, medical bill, or student loan debt?

Debt buyers are generally entities other then the original-creditor, whereby the rights to collect on the alleged debt are assigned or purchased pursuant to an agreement. Sometimes, these debts are sold with a limited amount of information, and sometimes with limitations on charging further interest and fees. Debt buyer lawsuits and actions for recovery of healthcare and medical bills may offer the opportunity for additional affirmative defenses that may not be available in original-creditor lawsuits, such as lack of assignment. Questioning the validity of debt buyer accounts can help determine whether they have a bona-fide assignment from the predecessor in interest, and can help confirm whether the balance has been calculated accurately.

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There are sometimes "grey areas" where it becomes more difficult to distinguish between an original creditor and a debt buyer. For example, FIA Card Services acts as a loan servicer and is wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of America. Because FIA is not an assignee, and is involved in servicing on behalf of the original creditor, it is usually recognized as standing in the shoes of the original creditor. However, with respect to debts which are securitized into trusts, which happens with student loans, an analysis of the individual case needs to be conducted to determine whether the trust entity is considered an assignee or an original creditor. Examples of such trusts are: SLM Private Student Loan and National Collegiate Trust. This is not to be confused with an entity that claims to be an indemnitor, guarantor, or insurer of the debt, such as Arrowood Indemnity and United Guarantee. An example of an entity that acts as a student loan lender and guarantor is AES Student Loans.

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