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Sued by JHPDE Finance 1 llc?

Being served with a lawsuit can be anxiety provoking. When being sued by a debt buyer, the confusion surrounding the debt can add layers of complexity to the matter. It's important to understand that you have rights. You can dispute the debt, demand evidence, and possibly settle your debt for substantially less then the claim amount.

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Sample Case Results

Our attorney recently defended a client in a lawsuit in which JHPDE Finance I llc hired the NY law firm of Grossman & Karaszewski, PLLC to represent them in seeking a judgment of over $12,000. Our client acknowledged defaulting on a debt with the original creditor, citibank, due to financial difficulties. After reviewing the merits of the claim, our attorneys conducted negotiations with Cavalry's lawyers and ultimately reached a settlement of $2,500. By taking advantage of this offer, the borrower was able to reduce their debt by nearly 80% and avoid the costs and risks of further litigation.

Although our lawyers always fight for the best possible deal, it's important to keep in mind that every case is unique and results vary. We use our skills and experience to obtain substantial reductions and affordable payment plans, where possible. We determine a strategic plan on a case-by-case basis and are prepared to zealously fight cases as necessary.


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Defending Lawsuits from JHPDE FINANCE I LLC

JHPDE Finance I, commonly misspelled JHPDE Finance 1, is an affiliated entity to the notorious debt buyer JH Portfolio Debt Equities. They hold portfolio's of defaulted debts that were generated by original creditors such as Citibank. Upon purchasing the portfolio's, they hire regional law firms to bring debt collection lawsuits against consumers residing in New York. The purpose of the lawsuits are to obtain judgments against the borrowers, so as to garnish their wages, freeze bank accounts, and place liens against their property.

Since there is a limited amount of time to respond to a lawsuit before a default judgment could be entered, it is imperative that action be taken promptly. Protecting the borrower from imminent judgment is the first course of action. As such, an answer must be filed with the court and a copy must be sent to JHPDE's lawyers. The exact protocol will vary depending on which state you are sued.

An Answer to such a lawsuit might include defenses such as:

  • The debt is disputed
  • The balance is inaccurate
  • Lack of Standing or Privity to maintain the action
  • The claim is beyond the statute-of-limitations
  • Accord and satisfaction

Debt Defense Lawyers - NY & NJ

At the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC, we are dedicated to consumer advocacy and helping consumers get out of debt. We are experienced with handling lawsuits from debt buyers like JHPDE Finance 1 llc and understand the complexities of these types of cases and the defenses that can help lead to a reasonable outcome. We defend lawsuits brought in New York and New Jersey.

Don't let JHPDE Finance get the upper hand! Our attorneys can protect you from a judgment, verify whether the claim is valid, and work to obtain a settlement that is affordable to your budget.

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