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Help! I'm being sued by Cavalry SPV I llc

If you've received notice of a lawsuit from Cavalry SPV I llc, you may be geniunly confused as to your rights and what steps to take to protect yourself from a judgment. You might have questions such as:

  1. Who is Cavalry SPV I llc and why are they suing me?
  2. Is Cavalry SPV I a scam?
  3. Do I really owe the amount that they are claiming?
  4. What options do I have to fight the lawsuit?
  5. Can this debt be settled for a discount?

You have options to resolve the lawsuit! At the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC, our consumer advocacy attorneys can help protect you from entry of a judgment, determine whether the claim is valid, and work towards obtaining a reasonable resolution that meets your needs. However, there is a limited amount of time in which a lawsuit must be answered. It is imperative that action be taken promptly. We handle lawsuits that are brought in New York and New Jersey. Call us to learn how we can help.

We Fight Lawsuits From Cavalry SPV I llc


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Recent Results with Calvary SPV I llc

Our lawyers have successfully resolve numerous debt buyer lawsuits on behalf of our client's. Below are a few example results on lawsuits brought by Cavalry SPV I llc in New York and New Jersey. Although we always fight for the best deal possible, it's important to keep in mind that every case is unique, and results vary. The common theme in the examples below are that the borrowers were able to settle their debt for substantial discounts, in affordable payment plans, with no additional interest, and they avoided the costs, time, and aggravation of further litigation. We determine a strategic plan on a case-by-case basis and are prepared to zealously fight cases as necessary.

  1. Our attorneys represented a client on a credit card debt originally owed to Citibank. The borrower experienced finanacial hardship, and in turn, stopped making payments to Citibank. Sometime after the debt entered default status, it was sold to Cavalry SPV I llc. In turn, Cavalry hired a well-known debt collection law firm, Grossman and Karaszewski, to sue the borrower. The lawsuit claimed that the borrower owed ~$4,350.00. After conducting discovery and reviewing evidence substantiating the validity of the debt, our attorneys negotiated a settlement of $800 to be paid at $100 per month, with no additional interest during the repayment period. By taking advantage of this settlement, the borrower was able to reduce their debt by over 80%.
  2. Cavalry SPV I brought a lawsuit for over $28,000 using the law firm of Girvin & Ferlazzo. They alleged that the borrower owed the money under two causes of action: Breach of Contract, and Accounts Stated. We analyzed the case, compiled the client's hardship information, and after in-depth discussions with opposing counsel reached a settlement of $5,000, to be paid over 12 months. This is a debt reduction of over 80%.
  3. In a case brought by the lawyers at Schachter Portnoy on behalf of Cavalry SPV, they sued the borrower for ~$4,565. After reviewing evidence supporting the lawsuits, we negotiated a settlement of $1,000 to be paid at $50 per month, with no additional interest to accrue during the repayment period. In addition to saving approximately 78%, this borrower also avoided having a judgment entered against them.
  4. In a similar case, Cavalry SPV retained the law firm of Apothaker Scian to sue a borrower for ~$4,500. After substantiating the validitiy of the debt, our lawyers negotiated a settlement of $1200, to be repaid at $100 per month, with no additional interest to accrue during the settlement repayment period. By taking advantage of this settlement, the borrower reduced their debt by approximately 73% and avoided potential entry of a judgment.


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Lawsuits from Cavalry SPV I llc

Cavalry SPV I, commonly misspelled Calvary, is one of the largest buyers of defaulted debts in the United States. They purchase large portfolios of bad debt from a variety of original creditors and intermediaries, then they assign these accounts to various collection agencies and law firms in an attempt to recover the full outstanding balance.

The common trend in these cases is that the debt buyer, Cavalry SPV, is seeking to recover the balance that was accrued by a borrower with an original creditor. Because Cavalry is a debt buyer, they must substantiate the chain of ownership of the debt and make a showing that the debts were actually assigned. This is where having the assistance of a debt defense lawyer can be helpful. We know how to spot issues in cases, and how to use those issues to the benefit of our client's.

Defenses to Cavalry lawsuits may include:

  • I never had a debt with plaintiff or their alleged predecessor-in-interest
  • I paid off my debt to the creditor or their agents
  • Plaintiff lacks standing
  • Plaintiff failed to fulfill all conditions precedent
  • Plaintiff is not a bona-fine assignee of this debt
  • The time to bring this claim has elapsed (SOL)


Consumers have broad protections from abusive, deceptive, and harrassing debt collection practices. Debt collectors are generally prohibited from using profanity, calling incessently, calling late at night or early in the morning, or disclosing debt information to an unauthorized 3rd party. Although we are not alleging that Cavalry SPV I llc or their agents/attorneys have committed consumer violations, it is important for consumers to generally understand their rights. If you're a victim of unlawful debt collection tactics, you may be entitled to statutory damages of up to $1000. Contact our lawyers to learn more.


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Let the skilled attorneys at the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC defend you and help you get out of debt. We are experienced with handling lawsuits in New York and New Jersey brought by entities such as Cavalry SPV I. Our lawyers understand the nuances and the strategies that can lead to an amicable outcome. Trust us to leave no stone unturned in finding a resolution that suits you.

Don't let Cavalry SPV get the upper hand! Our attorneys can help protect you from a judgment, verify whether the claim is valid, and work to obtain an affordable resolution. Conctact us today.