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Stephen Einstein & Associates Settle Lawsuit for 38%

Upon receiving notice of a lawsuit, a potential client inquired with the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC. After completing a free case evaluation and speaking with one of our lawyers, the client hired our firm for assistance with defense and settlement of the debt.

In this case, the law firm of Stephen Einstein & Associates was representing a debt buyer that was attempting to collect on a debt originally owed on a Citibank credit card. The outstanding balance was alleged to be in excess of $12,000.00.

As part of our representation, we explored possible defenses with our client and then filed a Verified Answer. This client was interested in achieving a quick and reasonable settlement so that the matter could be put to rest. As such, we worked to negotiate quickly, and in less than 3 months after being retained, we were able to achieve a settlement of only $4500.00. In exchange, the attorneys at Stephen Einstein & Associates discontinued the action with prejudice, which relieved my client of having any concerns that he would be pursued for the remaining balance.

By hiring the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC, our client:

  • Saved over $7,500 off the outstanding balance
  • Eliminated the accrual of future interest and/or fees
  • Eliminated concerns about a judgment being entered by the court
  • Avoided potential entry of judgment on the credit report

You can read more about cases that our lawyers have resolved with this firm by visiting our page dedicated to Stephen Einstein.

With each case, we work towards achieving our client’s goal, which oftentimes differ from case to case. In this particular matter, we worked to achieve a quick settlement, because that is what our client was seeking. In other cases, we may employ different litigation strategies in order provide representation that is geared towards our client’s particular needs. Learn more about how our law firm is different from the rest.

If you are dealing with a lawsuit or judgment for an outstanding debt in New York, having an experienced attorney by your side can make a world of difference in how your matter is resolved. Learn how we may be able to assist you resolve your matter with by Stephen Einstein & Associates.

We offer a free phone evaluation, call us at (888) 301-0584. Each case is unique, and each client has their own individual circumstances. Prior results do not guarantee, and are not indicative of, future performance. Contact us for an evaluation of your situation.