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What Does It Cost To Hire A Fair Credit Reporting Act Lawyer In New York?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law that protects consumers’ credit report information regarding its use by credit reporting agencies like Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. The FCRA describes what the Act is, what it intends to accomplish, and the rights that consumers have with respect to their credit information. The rights involve how the information is shared, who has access to the information, how that information is reported, and more.

The FCRA is complicated, and it might be difficult for the consumer to understand what their rights are and what they can do when those rights are violated. Hiring an experienced fair credit reporting lawyer can help the consumer navigate the FCRA to assist the consumer in achieving the best result. At Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, we provide quality representation with a focus on your specific financial situation. We will use our vast knowledge and experience with the FCRA to efficiently and affordably achieve the best result for you. There are a few things that you should know when seeking representation in FCRA litigation regarding the Act specifically, as well as our prices and fee structure.

Types of Attorney’s Fees

Attorney’s fees are the amount of money billed to a client for legal services performed on their behalf. There are different kinds of pay structures like hourly, flat, or contingent. On an hourly pay structure, the client will pay the attorney for every hour that they reasonably spend working on their case. With a flat rate, the client may pay a predetermined amount of money set out at the beginning of the representation. For example, an attorney may charge a specific amount to handle all the aspects of a case. In a contingency pay schedule, the attorney will receive a percentage of the money granted to the client by the court if they succeed on the claim. Often contingency pay structures mean that the attorney will receive fees only if the client succeeds on the claim.

Attorney’s Fees And The FCRA

In most cases, parties will be responsible for their own attorney's fees. However, depending on the type of case, the law might allow the party that succeeds in the case to receive money from the losing party to cover their attorney's expenses. The FCRA contains provisions that allow the prevailing party to receive money from the losing party to cover their attorney's fees. Under the FCRA, a party might also be entitled to attorney's fees from the opposing party if any action taken by that party during the litigation is in bad faith or to harass the other party. This means that if a client prevails in their claim, they will not be personally responsible for paying attorney's fees, as the opposing party will be required to cover them.

Our Commitment In FCRA Cases

Law Office of Simon Goldenberg is dedicated to achieving the best result for you in FCRA cases. We are committed to achieving the best result and doing so efficiently, affordably, and transparently. It is important to us that prospective clients understand how much it costs to retain an FCRA attorney and what they can expect when it comes to recovery and compensation.

FCRA Fee Shifting

As explained above, the FCRA entitles the prevailing party to receive compensation for their attorney’s fees or for a party to be compensated for those fees where the opposing party has acted in bad faith or harassed the other party. What this means for you is that if you succeed in your case against a party that has violated your FCRA rights, your attorney’s fees might be covered by the opposing party. However, if we are not successful on your FCRA claims, you might be required to pay the opposing party’s fees.

Contingency Fees

When representing a client in an FCRA claim, Law Office of Simon Goldenberg uses a full contingency fee schedule. A contingent fee is an agreed-upon percentage of what you are granted by the court, to be paid to the lawyer if your claim is successful. When using this fee method, this means that we only receive our fees if you succeed on your claim. However, if your FCRA claim is unsuccessful, you might still be required to pay the opposing party’s attorney’s fees.

Hiring An FCRA Attorney in New York

If you have unresolved credit disputes or believe that you are a victim of an FCRA violation, it is important to act quickly to fix those issues. The FCRA is complicated, and a lawyer experienced in FCRA law will help you achieve the best result. Law Office of Simon Goldenberg’s experienced consumer rights attorneys are ready to help you with your fair credit reporting claims. For a free case analysis, call Law Office of Simon Goldenberg at (888) 301-0584 or contact us online without delay.