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9 Reasons to Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer

Don’t Do It Yourself. Do It Right!

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, you must remember that this is an important decision that requires an advanced level of experience and competence to successfully complete the process. The laws, procedures, details and paperwork involved are often overwhelming and complex. One mistake could result in serious headaches and unnecessary trouble, and potentially prevent you from getting the debt relief you truly need.

As such, we strongly advise against filing for bankruptcy without the help of a knowledgeable New York bankruptcy lawyer. Don’t risk the opportunity of getting your debts discharged or under control by filing for bankruptcy alone. Your peace of mind begins when you work alongside an attorney who knows what they're doing and can answer your questions as you navigate the legal system.

If securing debt relief or management is your priority, you shouldn’t sacrifice it by filing for bankruptcy alone. Below are 9 reasons why you should hire a bankruptcy lawyer:

  1. You can learn whether filing a bankruptcy petition is the best decision for you.
  2. A lawyer can advise you on which chapter to file.
  3. You can understand whether your debts can be discharged and which ones.
  4. You’ll receive legal counsel on whether you can keep your home, car, or other property after you file.
  5. You’ll get warned of the tax consequences of filing.
  6. An attorney can inform you of whether you should continue to pay creditors.
  7. Rather than dealing with their harassing calls yourself, a lawyer will handle creditors who don’t comply with the automatic stay.
  8. A lawyer will explain bankruptcy law and procedures to you so you can gain a deep understanding of what you’re doing and why.
  9. You can accurately complete and file forms with the assistance of an attorney with a better chance of success.

The list of perks goes on. We can protect your assets and explore every avenue for securing bankruptcy relief on your behalf should you choose the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC to represent you. Further, your chances of eliminating or managing your debts will skyrocket when you retain qualified legal counsel to handle your situation.

Please don’t wait any longer to discuss your case with our New York bankruptcy lawyer during a free consultation. Call (888) 301-0584 to begin the process and work towards a debt-free future.