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Prohibited Debt Collection Practices

Are you receiving phone calls, emails, or other communications from debt collectors? Often the persistence of debt collectors can be annoying and stressful, making your life miserable until you can finally make them stop. In fact, certain debt collection practices became so bad that the federal government banned them outright some time ago. However, this hasn’t entirely stopped less-credible debt collectors from using these methods. If you are experiencing any of these debt collection practices, speak with an FDCPA lawyer now.

Debt Collector Harassment

Many people dread phone calls from debt collectors, and in some cases, these phone calls may seem endless. While it’s not against the law for debt collectors to call you and discuss your situation, they are not allowed to call you repeatedly and annoy you as a method of getting your issue resolved. If you’re being called multiple times per day regarding your outstanding debts, call an attorney now. Debt collectors may also not release the names of people that have outstanding debts, except to credit agencies.

False Statements

Debt collectors do everything in their power to collect on outstanding balances, and this is often includes lying or hiding the truth. Debt collectors are not allowed to hide or disguise their intentions in any way, nor are they allowed to intimidate you by levying accusations at you. This includes claiming to be a government representative or attorney working your case, claiming you have committed a crime, or represent themselves as a credit reporting company. These statements also include paper communications, which may not look like a legal forms if they aren’t and also may not indicate that the forms they send you are legal forms when they are not.

Debt collectors are not allowed to arrest you for not paying your debt, nor are they allowed to threaten asset seizure, wage garnishment, or other debt collection practices if they do have the ability and intent to take one or more of these actions.

Unfair Practices

People who struggle with debt are often in a vulnerable position, which makes them prone to falling victim to unfair practices just to get the calls and harassment to stop. As a result, debt collectors are not allowed to attempt to collect any fees or interest on top of the amount you owe to your creditors. They may not threaten or seize any of your property unless it can be done legally, which requires an extensive process on their end. Debt collectors also may not deposit a post-dated check early and force you to incur overdraft fees on your own bank account.

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