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Stephen Basedow presents Lawline CLE on Bankruptcy Ethics

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New York, New York: On February 7th, 2017, Stephen Basedow and Michael Riela co-presented Ethical Rules and Pitfalls: What Every Bankruptcy Professional Needs to Know, a CLE program with Lawline. Broadcast live online and recorded at Lawline’s Studio in New York City, the program offered viewers strategies on tackling common issues that arise when filing for consumer or business bankruptcy.

Ethical Rules and Pitfalls: What Every Bankruptcy Professional Needs to Know was aired as part of Lawline's Consumer Debt & Bankruptcy broadcast, and is now available for on-demand viewing at

The course objectives include:

  1. Pre-bankruptcy planning
  2. Identify retention/disinterestedness issues in business cases.
  3. Understand the methods to cure potential conflicts issues:
    • waivers
    • consents
    • walls
    • employment of conflicts counsel
    • waivers of pre-petition claims
  4. Discuss the disclosure requirement of the 2014 Bankruptcy Rule
  5. Identify acceptable fee arrangements in consumer cases, discuss the unbundling of fees
  6. Understand the ethical issues relating to pre-bankruptcy “asset protection” planning

About Stephen Basedow, Esq.

Stephen Basedow is a senior associate attorney at the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC, with headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to assisting people with filing for protection under the bankruptcy code, Attorney Basedow is also active in defending debtors from debt collection lawsuits and is experienced in navigating the complexities of student loan debt resolution.