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Is Ragan & Ragan PC Suing You? A Comprehensive Guide On How To Navigate Legal Waters

As a consumer protection law firm, we often assist borrowers in mitigating debt pressures and in shielding them from abusive debt collection practices. The often-intimidating prospect of a lawsuit from Ragan & Ragan PC, or similar creditors' law firms, can send anyone into a panic. But it's essential to remember - we are here to help. We will stand up for your legal rights and strategize the best course of action to counter aggressive collection pursuits.

Who Is Ragan & Ragan PC?

Ragan & Ragan, PC, along with its associated entities, has been engaged in the field of debtor/creditor litigation since 1974. The firm provides a range of legal collection services catering to clients across various sizes. The areas of focus include commercial, retail, education, and medical collections, as well as subrogation, bankruptcy, and landlord tenant matters. Ragan & Ragan, PC holds membership in the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) and the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA). The firm can be reached at 732-280-4100 or 888-484-4544. They are located at 3100 Route 138 West Brinley Plaza, Building One, Wall, New Jersey 07719.

Who Is Velocity Investments LLC?

Ragan & Ragan, PC represents debt buyers such as Velocity Recoveries (Velocity Investments LLC). Established in 2003, Velocity utilizes a collection strategy to transform distressed receivables into cash. Their aim is to construct account resolution solutions for consumers, while preserving the worth of client receivables. Velocity offers a variety of outsourced legal collection solutions tailored for credit providers, debt buyers, hospitals, utility companies, and other entities that manage consumer receivables. They provide an avenue for creditors and debt buyers to work with a servicer who deals with managing accounts receivable, from both a pre-legal collection and litigation standpoint. The company can be reached at 732-556-9090 and is located at 1800 Route 34N, Suite 305, Wall, New Jersey 07719.

The Truth About Debt Collection Firms: Ragan & Ragan PC

Ragan & Ragan PC operates as a creditors' rights law firm, aimed primarily at assisting creditors in retrieving their dues. Their clients typically consist of banks, corporations, and lenders seeking to recover past-due debts. Unfortunately, such firms are notorious for their high-pressure tactics, often leading to undue stress and worry for the debtor. Their aim is to secure 'wins' for their clients, even if it entails collecting more than you should rightfully owe.

Ditching The Debt Worry: How Our Firm Can Help

The dread of insurmountable debts or being unjustly sued for a debt can be nerve-wracking. By bringing us into the picture, you get an ally, a debt negotiator, and an advocate. Our team of seasoned lawyers will take over the daunting task of dealing with creditors and their attorneys, affording you the time and mental space to focus on your life - your family, career, or education.

You Vs. Creditors' Rights Firms: What You Need To Know

Discovering a legal notice of a lawsuit, commonly referred to as a Summons and Complaint, on your doorstep can be shocking, especially when it's from an unfamiliar creditor. Firms like Ragan & Ragan PC frequently represent debt buyers such as Velocity Investments, LLC, who purchase debt from original lenders once a borrower's account becomes delinquent.

Having delinquent debt can indeed negatively impact your credit score, accumulate late fees, and accrue substantial interest on the original debt amount. However, there is a silver lining to this seemingly grim situation. Given that debt purchasers acquire the debt for a fraction of its value, they're often more amenable to settling for an amount considerably less than the total due.

Despite their hard-nosed attempts to maximize recovery, they will likely settle for a lesser sum, especially if a swift resolution is in sight.

Standing Up To Debt Collection Firms: A Necessary Step

Having a well-versed consumer rights attorney on your side becomes imperative if you're faced with a lawsuit for a past-due debt. Collection firms, reputable or otherwise, are notorious for their relentless and, at times, overbearing tactics. While many operate within the legal boundaries, they can still be distressing for the debtor. Some unscrupulous firms or fraudsters may even resort to illicit or abusive practices to coerce payment.

Our firm's background extends across various types of debt claims, enabling us to handle all collection firms - those who tread the line of legality and those who breach it. We've represented numerous clients against firms like Ragan & Ragan PC and successfully negotiated substantial debt reductions and manageable payment plans.

Our past victories have led to our clients seeing significant reductions on their total claimed account balance, coupled with a reasonable payment plan, thus providing significant relief and restoring financial and emotional stability.

The Role Of Experience In Navigating Debt Lawsuits

Our team's breadth of experience in handling diverse claims and debt collection lawsuits empowers us to devise the most effective strategies. Our approach may involve robust defense against the claims, tough negotiations to lessen the debt amount, or a combination of both, depending on the case.

If Ragan & Ragan PC or a similar firm is suing you, we may be able to significantly reduce the total balance due and establish a reasonable payment plan, liberating you from overwhelming debt claims.

The Importance Of Legal Counsel: Get A Consumer Rights Attorney In New York

Receiving a lawsuit notice from Ragan & Ragan PC should prompt immediate action. Reach out to our firm to understand your legal rights before you engage with them. To schedule a free consultation with the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC, call us at (888) 301-0584 or contact us online. We are committed to shouldering your legal concerns and facing the creditors' rights firm on your behalf, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - your life.

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