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Are You Being Sued By Roach & Murtha P.C.?

Firms like Roach & Murtha P.C. exist to help creditors collect money – they're creditors' rights lawyers. They go after money for past-due debts owed to banks, lenders, big corporations, and similar creditors. As a consumer advocacy law firm, we are here to help borrowers get relief from debt and guard against abusive debt collection actions.

If you are facing a lawsuit from Roach & Murtha P.C. or another creditors' law firm, the best thing you can do is talk to our lawyers about your legal rights and the best options against aggressive collection actions. Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC, has handled many lawsuits and knows how to deal with creditors to protect debtors.

Collections firms like Roach & Murtha P.C. make every effort to get 'victories' for their creditor clients. They are well-known for using high-pressure tactics to make you pay money that you might not owe, to pay more than you really must pay, and to subject you to a lot of anxiety and worry. You can avoid stress and concern if you have our experienced attorneys working for you.

Avoid Legal Anxiety

When you are facing overwhelming debts, or if you've been sued for a debt that you feel you're not responsible for paying, you probably feel a lot of anxiety. When you contact our firm to negotiate and advocate for you, you'll be able to step out from under that cloud of worry and get back to taking care of your life rather than arguing with creditors and their lawyers. We take on the battles over your debt so you can focus your time and efforts on caring for your family, pursuing your career or schooling, and living your life without unnecessary worry.

Creditors' Rights Firms Versus You

Many people are often shocked to get a legal notice of a lawsuit, called a Summons and Complaint, from a law firm that is suing them on behalf of a creditor they may have never heard of. Often, a firm like Roach & Murtha P.C. will represent debt buyers like Student Loan Solutions LLC, Velocity Investments, LLC, Oliphant Financial LLC, or others. These debt purchasers, like CKS Prime Investments, LLC or Accelerated Inventory Management LLC, buy debt from original lenders after delinquencies in a borrower's account.

Of course, there are negative aspects to having delinquent debt–the account is likely to be reported to credit bureaus, so it will affect your credit ratings, and there are often late fees and a lot of interest added to the original amount of the debt. On the positive side of overdue debt, though, is the fact that debt purchasers typically buy the debt for much less than the total value of the account, so they are often willing to accept payment on delinquent accounts that might be a fraction of the total amount claimed to be due.

Debt collectors fight to get every dollar they can and make claims for the maximum recovery on an overdue debt. They are usually very aggressive in their attempts to collect, but they are also willing to take much less if they can settle the claim soon in most cases.

Stand Up To Collections Firms

Working alongside a seasoned consumer rights attorney if you have been or are about to be sued for a past-due debt is crucial. Creditors' collection firms often use extremely aggressive tactics in how they communicate and the pressure they apply to debtors. Reputable collections firms remain within the confines of the law in how they go about collecting debts, but they can still be very aggressive and threatening in the techniques they use to pursue collections. Shady firms and scam artists may use illegal or abusive means to get money from debtors.

Our firm is experienced in all kinds of debt claims, and we're capable of handling both types of collection firms—those that operate aggressively within the boundaries of the law and those that stretch the legal limits of permissible collections activity. We have represented many borrowers being sued by firms like Roach & Murtha P.C. for substantial sums based on loans received some time ago from big banks or lenders. In many cases, even when the creditors try to pressure borrowers into paying the full amount of their claim immediately, we can negotiate a substantial reduction of the total amount due and even arrange for a payment plan to make the debt manageable.

We've had clients who have benefited from reductions of as much as 80% of the total claimed account balance and were able to make reasonable payments to settle the debt. This type of resolution to a stressful debt claim provides a powerful benefit to our clients with a considerable reduction of anxiety and uncertainty about their financial future and a return to emotional stability.

Experience Makes All The Difference

The knowledgeable attorneys in our firm have seen all kinds of collections claims and lawsuits, and so we have experience in raising defenses and negotiating substantial reductions of debt collection claims. In each case, we evaluate the facts to find the most effective strategy that may involve a vigorous defense against the claims, tough negotiations to reduce the claim, or both tactics, as needed.

We can help if you are being sued by an aggressive creditors' rights firm like Roach & Murtha P.C. We may be able to arrange a significant reduction of the total balance due, and we may be able to negotiate a reasonable payment plan that can help you get free of the burden of debt claims that feel overwhelming.

Get A New York Consumer Rights Attorney On Your Side

If you've gotten notice of a lawsuit against you that's being brought by Roach & Murtha P.C., please get in touch with our firm immediately to learn about your legal rights. If you've been encouraged to call Roach & Murtha P.C., you must contact our firm for advice immediately before you call them. Call Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC, at (888) 301-0584 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. After we've learned about the unique facts of your case, we can take on your legal burdens and concerns and handle the creditors' rights firm for you.