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Are You Being Sued By Portnoy Schneck LLC?

Our firm is a consumer advocate firm. That means we work hard to secure debt relief for borrowers and protect them from abusive collection practices. By contrast, firms like Portnoy Schneck, LLC are creditors’ rights firms. This means that they devote their energy to securing overdue debt on behalf of lenders, corporations, and other creditors.

If you’re being sued by Portnoy Schneck, LLC, or another creditors' rights firm, it's important to speak with our firm about your rights and options as soon as you can. Firms like Portnoy Schneck, LLC are often aggressive in their attempts to “win” for their clients. They may pressure you into paying a debt that you don’t owe, paying more than you should, or otherwise subjecting you to stress and costs that could be avoided if our firm was advocating on behalf of your interests.

Save Yourself Stress

If you're either struggling with debt or have been sued for a debt you do not owe, you are likely and understandably stressed out at this time. By allowing our firm to advocate on your behalf, you can focus your energy on living your life rather than negotiating with an aggressive creditors’ rights firm. We can do this on your behalf so that you can take back time for your family, job, or passions.

How Creditors’ Rights Firms Operate

Oftentimes, borrowers are surprised to receive a notice that they’re being sued by a firm they’ve never heard of on behalf of a creditor they’ve never heard of. Generally speaking, this happens when a firm like Portnoy Schneck, LLC files lawsuits on behalf of debt buyers. Debt buyers like Calvary SPV I and Rock Creek Capital, as assignees of Sallie Mae, purchase debt from original creditors after a borrower's account has become delinquent.

The downside to having a delinquent account is that debt that is truly overdue is reported negatively to the major credit bureaus and usually results in significant late fees and potentially excessive interest charges. The only upside to having a delinquent account is that debt buyers are often willing to accept pennies on the dollar to recover any compensation. With that said, they ordinarily fight hard – and often quite dirty – before resigning themselves to accepting a reasonable settlement offer.

Fighting Back

One of the primary reasons why it is important to work with an experienced consumer advocate attorney if you are being sued for debt by a creditors' rights firm is that the tactics used by these firms can be intimidating, abusive, or both. Reputable firms act within the boundaries of the law, but that doesn't mean that their tactics aren't truly aggressive in nature. Scammers and disreputable firms may resort to abusive and even illegal tactics in an effort to secure compensation from borrowers. Our firm understands how to deal successfully with both kinds of firms.

For example, we recently assisted a client who Portnoy Schnek LLC was suing for over $17,500. This amount was owed to debt buyer Cavalry SPV I LLC as an assignee of Citibank. Although debt buyers generally try to demand that borrowers pay the full amount owed immediately, we settled this account for $2,750 to be paid in installments of $115 for 24 months. This means that our client benefitted from more than an 80% reduction in their account balance and could then pay off the remainder in truly manageable installments. Understandably, this significant opportunity for debt relief benefitted our client's emotional and financial well-being to a relatively profound extent.

Obviously, we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to secure such favorable results in your case, as any firm that guarantees results is lying. However, we can confirm that we’ll do our utmost to secure the best results that we can on your behalf.

Our reputable legal team has extensive experience successfully raising defenses to lawsuits and securing meaningful debt relief for our clients via debt settlement negotiations. Depending on the particulars of your situation, we may employ one or both approaches to your benefit. This means that even if you owe a valid debt to a creditor or debt buyer that is represented by an aggressive creditors' rights firm like Portnoy Schneck, LLC, we may be able to significantly reduce the balance you owe, and we may be able to negotiate a manageable repayment plan that will allow you to pay down the remainder of your balance in installments that will not break your family's budget.

Learn How A Reputable New York Consumer Rights Lawyer Can Protect Your Interests

If you’re being sued by Portnoy Schneck, LLC – located at 3705 Quakerbridge Road, Suite 116 in Hamilton, NJ, and at 22 Saw Mill River Road, Suite 305 in Hawthorne, NY – please connect with our firm today to discuss your rights and options. You may have been encouraged to call Portnoy Schneck, LLC at 914-747-6090 or at 609-514-8668 upon receiving a notice that you’re being sued. Resist the urge to call and negotiate with this firm without first employing professional assistance. Portnoy Schneck, LLC and firms like it understand how to wedge borrowers between a rock and a hard place, even if they don’t owe the debt for which they are being sued. Our firm understands how to aggressively advocate on behalf of consumer rights and how to resolve collections lawsuits efficiently and effectively.

To schedule a free initial case evaluation with our respected legal team, connect with the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC, by calling 888-301-0584 or contacting us online. Once we understand the details of the lawsuit that has been filed, we can take over the legal “heavy lifting” of your situation so that you can get back to living your life. We look forward to speaking with you.