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Are You Being Sued By Andreu, Palma, Lavin & Solic PLLC In New Jersey?

Some law firms specialize in representing one “type” of client. For example, our firm is a consumer advocacy and debt relief law firm. This means that we focus on helping individuals and families resolve overwhelming debts and protect them from abusive, unlawful debt-collection practices.

However, not all firms that practice this area of law focus on the needs of individuals and families. For example, the law firm known as Andreu, Palma, Lavin & Solic PLLC practices debt-related law, but instead of representing the interests of borrowers, it represents the interests of financial institutions. A disclaimer at the bottom of the firm’s home page explains that it is considered a debt collector and that any information obtained by the firm may be used for debt collection purposes.

“Finding Practical Solutions”

If you’re being sued by Andreu, Palma, Lavin & Solic PLLC, you may have looked up their website and learned that the firm aims to help “consumers and businesses find practical solutions to outstanding financial obligations assigned to our firm for collection." The firm also discusses its commitment to treating each individual with respect as the debt collection process unfolds. That’s a critically important commitment, as every borrower who is struggling with debt should be treated with respect.

However, it is also important for borrowers to understand that while this firm may be committed to respectful communication, it is also committed – as it expressly states on its site – to maximize recoveries on behalf of its clients. The firm also states that speed is of paramount concern. This means that if this firm is suing you, it wants to take as much of your money as it can – and do so as quickly as it can – on behalf of its creditors.

Respect is important. Respect is key. Seeking practical solutions is a worthy goal. Yet, you need to remember that this firm doesn't serve your interests if it is suing you on behalf of one of its clients. It is actively working to undermine them. As a result, you'll need to retain experienced legal representation from a firm that will aggressively advocate for your interests and know how to effectively stand up against the tactics used by Andreu, Palma, Lavin & Solic PLLC. The Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC, is that firm.

Debt Buyer Lawsuits

As part of its practice, Andreu, Palma, Lavin & Solic PLLC represents the interests of debt buyers, such as JHPDE Finance I, LLC. All too often, borrowers who are being sued on behalf of a debt buyer believe that they have no opportunity to raise a meaningful defense because their debt is so overdue that it has been purchased from the original creditor by a debt buyer. In truth, simply because a debt is old doesn't necessarily mean that a borrower must pay it. In fact, sometimes, the very age of debt serves as great leverage in the debt settlement process.

The collection of every debt is restricted by the statute of limitations imposed by law. This means that a creditor or debt buyer cannot successfully sue a borrower for a debt that has been overdue for a specific period of time. Depending on how old your debt is, our firm may be able to have the lawsuit against you dropped.

If we cannot successfully raise a statute of limitations defense on your behalf because your debt remains valid, we may reach a manageable settlement amount that could save you thousands of dollars. For example, our firm recently assisted a client that was being sued by Andreu, Palma, Lavin, & Solic PLLC for over $4,000. This amount was owed to JHPDE Finance I, LLC, which had purchased the client’s overdue balance from an original creditor. We were able to settle the account for $1000, achieving a reduction of over 75% off the original amount owed. The results of this debt settlement negotiation provided the client with much-needed relief.

It's important to understand that results from debt settlement negotiations vary and that no amount of debt relief or debt reduction is ever guaranteed. With that said, our firm always strives to achieve the best results possible for our clients, given their unique circumstances.

Don’t Panic

Being sued is a stressful and intimidating experience. What’s important now is that you avoid spiraling into a full-blown panic. Even though it may seem like you have no options available to you, our firm understands that there is likely much that can be done on your behalf. While Andreu, Palma, Lavin, & Solic PLLC is working hard to “maximize recovery” on behalf of its clients, we’ll be working to minimize that recovery in order to safeguard your rights and interests.

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If you’ve received a notice that you’re being sued by Andreu, Palma, Lavin & Solic PLLC – which is located at 815 NW 57th Ave Suite 401, Miami, FL 33126 – you have likely been encouraged to contact the firm at (877) 631-0174 to discuss finding a “practical solution” to your debt issues. Don’t call this number until you’ve spoken with the knowledgeable legal team at the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC, as anything that you say to the debt collector firm that is suing you may be used against you in court.

Our dedicated and reputable attorneys understand how to respond efficiently and effectively to a lawsuit notice from Andreu, Palma, Lavin & Solic PLLC. Allow us to explain your rights and options under the law – as well as our firm's approach to consumer rights and debt relief representation – during a risk-free, no-cost, confidential case evaluation. Once you've received personalized guidance from our team, you'll be empowered to make informed decisions about defending against the lawsuit that has been filed against you. Call 888-301-0584 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to speaking with you.