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How Do I Hire A Bankruptcy Lawyer Who Suits Me Best?

It’s always in your best interest to hire a qualified lawyer before you file for bankruptcy. That’s one essential step to reducing your debt and moving forward with your life. However, it’s equally essential that you hire a bankruptcy lawyer who’s most suitable for your needs. How do you hire a New York bankruptcy lawyer who suits you best? We at Law Office of Simon Goldenberg have compiled a list of suggestions to help you answer this question, so continue reading below. For more information, don’t hesitate to call us at (888) 301-0584 or contact us online for a free initial evaluation.

Is Your Lawyer Accessible?

Accessibility is an important concern that potential clients rarely consider. Before you choose a lawyer, you’ll want to ensure that your lawyer is accessible to you. It is imperative to know how far the law office is from you and verify whether it’s a commute you can make. The last thing you want is to find that driving to the law office is costing you too much gas money, or if you don’t have a reliable vehicle, you must wake up a couple of hours early just to catch the right bus, train, or subway. You should always try to be within a reasonable, commutable distance from your lawyer.

Also, bear in mind that new developments can occur at a moment’s notice. For example, you may find out that you owe more than you initially thought. You may discover that the vase you purchased from a yard sale is actually antique, worth several thousand. Yet, if you’re unable to meet with your lawyer and hand over critical documentation, it’ll negatively impact your case.

Does Your Lawyer Prefer One Means Of Communication Over Others?

Another question that potential clients may not often consider is how the prospective lawyer prefers to communicate. Sometimes, this information is online. Sometimes, you’ll only find out the answer to this question after you’ve signed a retainer. You see, some lawyers strictly prefer email. Others are more personable and appreciate the face-to-face discussion. You might find it to be awkward, frustrating, or even debilitating to your bankruptcy case if your lawyer downright refuses to be flexible in how they communicate.


Email Only—If your lawyer only wants to communicate through email, you may feel a personal element is missing. It may be more difficult to trust someone—even an expert—when you can’t put a face and voice to the name. It’s only natural if you want your lawyer to treat you like your case matters and like you aren’t just another client. That sense of comfort is harder to achieve when your lawyer is email only.

Phone Only—Most potential client and prospective lawyer relationships occur via phone call, initially. But that doesn’t mean that communication should only be through phone calls. After all, there’s more room for a misunderstanding to occur. How often have you forgotten to say something or misquoted something during a casual phone conversation? You won’t want either to happen during a bankruptcy case. Furthermore, if your lawyer only communicates by phone, it may be that much harder to access them if they’re not picking up or juggling many calls at once.

Fax Only—It’s uncommon for anyone to communicate through fax only. Many offices don’t use fax machines at all anymore. Still, some lawyers prefer having you fax over any documents rather than mailing them, dropping them off, or emailing them over. Because anyone in the office can access the fax machine, you may feel uncomfortable that people who aren’t your lawyer and not your lawyer’s assistant may see your personal information. Also, some sheets may slide away or get lost.


Email—Although it doesn’t add a face to the name, email communication does have advantages. If you’re like most people, you’re more likely to be accurate, detailed, and thorough when you send an email than when you’re talking over the phone. Writing often triggers your memory of what’s most critical to share. Not to mention, there will be a track record of what was said and when it was said. More than likely, if you forgot something your lawyer told you or you’d like to doublecheck what all you need to send to the office, you can sift through your messages for a quick answer.

Phone—Having a bankruptcy lawyer who prefers phone communication has its benefits. For example, suppose you emailed them the wrong information and didn’t realize this mistake until much later. In this case, a speedy phone call is probably better than sending an email that may not get checked for several hours. Moreover, communicating through phone calls feels more personable. You may find yourself more comfortable sharing information over the phone that you’re not necessarily comfortable sending via email.

Fax—Suppose you don’t have time to drop off important paperwork, and it’s too large to email. In either case, access to a fax machine becomes beneficial.

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