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Covid Update: NY State Courts Re-Opens Beyond "Essential Cases"

As of April 13, 2020, via remote or virtual court operations, the court shall address non-essential cases. Below is a partial summary of the following matters that this pertains to:

  1. Conferencing Pending Cases – A review by the Court of current cases in attempt to resolve or more forward cases via remote conferencing;
  2. Fully Submitted Motions Will Be Decided in Pending Cases; AND
  3. No New Filings or Additional Filings in Existing Matters Shall be Permitted in Matters Deemed Non-Essential.

                The Court now has an active plan to clear its existing caseload in an effort to resolve or, at the very least, move cases forward. If you are currently a defendant in a debt-relief action, the above changes most likely apply to your case. Although new debt relief cases may not be presently filed, the above changes signal that the time for new filings may be on the horizon. We will continue to monitor the situation concerning the expansion of the Court’s role in addressing existing cases and permitting the filing of new lawsuits.

                If you find yourself in need of legal representation, please contact the office for an evaluation. It is important to note that current Pro Se Defendants, in some cases, may still be a good fit for private legal defense. Additionally, those that find themselves a Defendant in a debt relief lawsuit in the near future should contact to the office for an evaluation. If one is not in a position to defend themselves or settle these lawsuits, they should consider contacting the office for a free bankruptcy evaluation.

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