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How to Settle Debts and Lawsuits Filed by CACH LLC

CACH LLC buys defaulted loans from many sources, which may include credit card companies, banks, cell phone providers, and other creditors and lenders. Generally, CACH LLC purchases charged-off accounts – those that the creditor has written off as one that likely will not get paid off by the debtor – which allows it to acquire the debt for much less than what is owed.

Once CACH LLC “owns” the loan, it will serve you with a debt lawsuit to recover the money you owe. Often, the amount it sues you for will be higher than the initial balance due to the accrual of late fees, penalties, and other costs. If you do not answer the lawsuit, the company wins by default because the court assumes the debt is yours. CACH llc can then take certain steps to force you to pay, such as a bank levy or wage garnishment, which could substantially impact your finances. In New York, Cach llc will often employ the attorneys at the Mandarich Law Group in order to represent them in collection lawsuits against borrowers.

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Possible Case Dismissal

If you fight the suit, it could prevent you from paying an exorbitant amount to CACH LLC. When you answer the lawsuit, the company must to prove the debt is yours, the amount it’s suing for is correct, and it has the right to initiate legal action against you. The company is required to produce evidence that validates its claims. In some cases, CACH LLC may lack sufficient evidence, or the Statute of Limitations for them to file a lawsuit may have passed, which could result in your case being dismissed. There are a number of other defenses, and possibly counterclaims, that may be asserted in defense of a lawsuit.

Negotiating a Settlement

CACH is in the business of making money off its default loan purchases, which means its lawyers may work hard to get the necessary information for pursuing the lawsuit. It’s best to prepare for such a situation by gathering everything you can about the debt in question. Having detailed records could help you and your debt relief lawyer negotiate a settlement with the company. Often, the debt can be settled for a substantially lesser amount, which may be arranged in affordable monthly payments.

Your research could also reveal that the debt is not yours. If this is the case, your attorney can help you understand how to move forward with the matter.

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