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Why Hire a New Jersey Debt Settlement Lawyer?

Settle Credit Card & Student Loan Debt in NJ

Severe financial debt can come with a number of consequences. In addition to the impact to your credit score and constant stress, you may get to a point where your creditors choose to pursue action against you. If you continue to make your regular payments, even just the minimum ones, then this won’t happen. However, if you fall too far behind and you’re receiving everything from collection calls to notices in the mail, there are many benefits to reaching out and hiring a New Jersey debt settlement attorney.

Having a legal representative who can fight for you and protect your rights when your creditors try to take action against you can have a number of benefits, including some you may not expect. On this blog, we’ll discuss just a few of them and show you the advantages of having an attorney on your side.

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Negotiating Skills

Many people think that their creditors have made up their mind to pursue legal action when their account goes into collections. What they don’t often realize is that the collection process is expensive, and most companies would rather not waste the time and effort trying to pursue collection when they may not even get their money back. Instead, you’ll find that sometimes, they’re highly-willing to negotiate. Our debt settlement lawyers in NJ are also skilled negotiators, and do so from a position that understands the restrictions that your creditors are under which can only help you get a better outcome.

Negotiations may result in you paying less then what you owe over a longer period of time with the rest of the debt being discharged. And the best part: this may be able to help you avoid declaring bankruptcy, which minimizes the damage to your credit report and lets you recover faster!

Defending NJ Lawsuits

A skilled NJ debt settlement attorney can work with you to validate your debt, which is usually the first approach to defending against lawsuits or actions taken against you. A good attorney is going to be particularly skilled at looking at the debt your creditors claim you owe and finding discrepancies. Some of these discrepancies may be big enough to have your debt dismissed and you can walk away from them completely free! This isn’t common, but having an attorney review your case should be your first step if you’ve been notified of a lawsuit against you.

Save Money

When you’re trying to settle your defaulted credit cards or student loan debts, your goal shouldn’t just be to get out of debt, but to get out of debt for as little as possible. If you’re not experienced in consumer law and debt settlement practices, you may not be aware of all of the ways this is possible. On the other hand, your attorney will be and they’re bound under ethical standards to fight for you and put your needs first, which means they’re motivated to help you seek the best possible outcome.

Over the years, our legal team has helped numerous people resolve debts owed to American Express, National Collegiate Trust and Navient student loans, and balances owed to many well-known national banks and lenders. Our credit card and nj student loan lawyers have worked against major debt collection law firms operating in New Jersey, such as Schachter Portnoy; Apothaker Scian; Hayt, Hayt, Landau; and Mullooly, Jeffrey, Rooney, & Flynn. Most attorneys genuinely want to see their clients take control of their life back, and that means they’re willing to do whatever it takes to help their clients keep more of their hard-earned money and get their life back on track.

If you need a skilled New Jersey attorney to help settle credit card and student loans, reach out to the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC by calling (347) 389-0245 for a case evaluation.