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Many people find themselves being crushed by overwhelming debt. Because people’s wages have rarely matched the rate of inflation, more and more people find themselves needing to take out loans that weren’t necessary 60 years ago. Earlier in the 20th century, buying a house would only require 2.2 times your yearly income. Now, purchasing a house requires 3.7 times your annual income. Likewise, a college education would only cost about 18% of your annual income. For example, the University of Pennsylvania tuition was $600 in 1950; in 2013, it was $40,594. That number translates to about 79% of the average gross annual income. Long-term financing is now extremely common, and even buying a television or cell phone requires lengthy payment plans. Considering how many loans the average consumer is subjected to, it’s no surprise many people find them overwhelming to deal with.

The Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC is dedicated to consumer protection and defending the rights of clients facing debt problems. Our high-caliber representation is designed to cater to each person’s individual needs. We have a reputation for working hard to meet our client’s goals, and this dedication and skill is reflected in our excellent reviews and our high Avvo ratings.

We offer legal services to people in New Jersey who might be faced with insurmountable debt or piling bills. Our law firm can help you with the following problems:

Simon Goldenberg, our founding attorney, is dedicated to helping consumers find the best solutions to their overwhelming credit cards, student loans, medical bills, and business debts. His experience and range of knowledge on debt relief issues allow him to search for nuances in the law to provide client's with the high level of representation.

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