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Unifund CCR judgment settled for 15% with Mullooly Jeffrey Rooney and Flynn LLP

In this case, we were hired to help resolve a default judgment from debt buyer Unifund CCR LLC against a consumer in Nassau County. The attorneys representing Unifund CCR were Mullooly, Jeffrey, Rooney, and Flynn LLP. The Defendant was represented by Stephen Basedow, Esq. of the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC.

At the time the client retained our law firm, the outstanding judgment balance was approximately $60,000. Prior to retaining us, the lawyers at Mullooly Jeffrey were able seize about $8,000 from the Defendant’s bank account. The seizure of bank funds is what spurred the client to seek legal assistance.

Our client did not have any knowledge of the lawsuit and did not recall being served with legal documents. The Affidavit of Service stated that the Summons & Complaint were served upon a female at the defendant's residence. However, the defendant is male, lived alone, and alleged that he would have been home at the time indicated on the Affidavit.

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We filed a Request for Judicial Intervention (RJI) and an Order to Show Cause requesting the defendant's default be excused, the judgment vacated and the complaint dismissed. In an Affidavit, our client explained that he:

  1. Was not served with the lawsuit.
  2. Was not provided notice of entry of judgment.
  3. Did not recognize any debt owed to Unifund CCR.
  4. Was not given notice that any of his debts were assigned to the Plaintiff.

As a result of filing the Order, the court scheduled a hearing date. However, the matter was resolved to our client’s satisfaction prior to the court date. After engaging in negotiations with our law firm, Unifund CCR LLC, through their attorneys at Mullooly, Jeffrey, Rooney, and Flynn LLP, agreed to settle the judgment debt for a substantially reduced amount.

By hiring our debt relief law firm, the borrower was able to:

  • Settle the remaining debt for $8,000 (in affordable monthly installments)
  • Vacate the Judgment In Court (pursuant to the settlement stipulation)
  • Alleviate concerns about further bank account restraint (or wage garnishment)

While these results are not typical, we always strive to obtain the best results possible under the client’s particular circumstances. If you’ve been sued for a credit card debt in New York or New Jersey, call our dedicated debt lawyers to learn how we can help.

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