Do I need a lawyer to get a name change?

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Your decision as to whether to hire a lawyer will largely depend on your level of comfort with navigating the legal process necessary to obtain a name change in New York City. Firstly, you would need to become familiar with the name change petition. Be prepared to complete all relevant sections in full and annex any supporting affidavits and consent forms. The next step is to file the name change petition, affidavits, and supporting documentation with the correct court, which will vary based on where you live.

Why hire a lawyer to get a Name Change?

Many people change their names for many different reasons, both big and small. At the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, our legal team understands the instrumental importance a name can play to one’s identity. We are meticulous in our review of our client's pertinent information and the completion of the petition process. We always strive for our client's to have a positive experience, hence our strong reputation as counselors.

The most critical factor in any name change is that YOU feel your name accurately reflects your identity. Allow our lawyers to help you achieve that goal, without any added frustration or uneeded delay.

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What is the cost for a Name Change in New York?

The basic costs for a name change for a resident of New York City will mostly comprise of the court filing fee and the notarization costs for any necessary affidavits. In addition, hiring an attorney to assist in the name change process will likely add a legal fee. The fee is usually modest, and represents a good value for the peace of mind that a reputable lawyer would provide.

At the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC, we charge flat rates for our legal fees relating to name changes. These fees start at $850, and will increase depending on the complexity of the case. For example, a name change for a child with a parent that is difficult to locate, or a petitioner with a criminal history (ie. incarceration), will likely add a layer of difficulty to the process. However, added complexity does not mean that you will be denied your request for a name change.

Help with Changing Your Name in NY

The process of legally changing one’s name should be simple, but oftentimes is not. The success of a name change filing depends upon the accuracy of the petition, with failure possibly resulting at returning to square one with little understanding of where things went wrong.

A proper petition requires the production of documents, an accurate statement of reasoning behind the change, the disclosure of any past judgements, convictions, etc.... This is not to mention all of the additional complexities that come with filing for the name change of a minor or requesting that the court seal the record for privacy purposes. The process of compiling a petition that meets the courts standards can seem overwhelming, but hiring a legal professional can go a long way to making this laundry list of requirements manageable.

At the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg we understand the importance of accuracy and precision in filing for legal name changes for our clientele. We offer affordable flat fee assistance throughout New York City, including Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, and Manhattan.

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