Can I Negotiate with Creditors on My Own?

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Many people who are struggling with debt think that if they cannot make necessary payments, like rent or utilities, then they cannot afford a debt relief attorney. This line of thinking makes them believe that they must negotiate with creditors on their own. While this is a possibility – you can choose to represent yourself in any sort of legal case, even one held in criminal court – it is not recommended for several reasons.

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Disadvantages of Talking to Creditors Alone

If you are thinking of dealing with your creditors alone, you need to know what you might be up against. The problems that can crop up surprise even the most prepared individuals who spend hours a week studying their own finances. When you are all by yourself, there is no safety net or partner to keep you from taking a metaphorical tumble.

Issues you can encounter if you negotiate with creditors on your own include:

  • Secured or unsecured: Do you know what type of debt you owe to which creditors? Without knowing your own debts, you will not be able to create a convincing argument and could be influenced by creditors easily.
  • Too unassuming: Resist a creditor in a way that oversteps your legal boundaries, or in a way that they perceive to be abrasive, and you could next come face-to-face with the maximum limitations of their abilities to collect on your debt. When following proper regulations, creditors have the power to call you at home, sue you, garnish your wages, and even levy bank accounts.
  • Overpaying: Unsecured creditors know that a little bit of money is better than none at all. But do you? Many people who negotiate with creditors on their own wind up paying them far more than what the creditor would have likely settled on had there been a lawyer sitting at the table, too.

Advantages of Working with Your Lawyer

If you are leaning towards working with a New York debt relief attorney, you are probably interested in the unique advantages that decision will give you.

When you work with a professional for legal counsel, you will gain:

  • Knowledge: If you are not certain how to interpret bankruptcy law or the regulations surrounding debt relief options, you will be thanks to the help of your lawyer.
  • Experience: The optimal outcome is not attained through luck but through legal know-how. Find a lawyer with years of experience and you will increase your chances of getting the debt relief option you want and need.
  • Expedience: The longer you are in negotiations with creditors, the longer you have to wait to find out how much debt relief you have won. In the meantime, you could fall more and more into debt. With a lawyer handling your debt relief case, you could find a solution much sooner than without their help.

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