Can an attorney help improve my credit score and fix my bad credit?

Having bad credit can cause credit limits to be lowered and interest rates to be increased. You may find yourself limited to loans that offer longer a costlier repayment options. When credit is very poor, it can be nearly impossible to become qualified for a prime loan or other financing. While oftentimes a diminished score is the result of missed payments or other act by the consumer; many people are also facing bad credit due to mistakes by the credit bureaus. Some statistics show that over 50% of consumers are effected by an error on their credit report, and most are not even aware. This can cause denial of loans, or higher interest rates, all for no good reason.

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If you believe that your credit report contains errors, the items can be disputed with the three credit bureaus - Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. There are options of disputing by mail, online, or even by phone. However, some anectodal evidence and experience indicates that not every form of dispute is necessary processed or treated the same way. In the realm of credit correction, many would agree that the most effective method of disputing adverse credit reporting is by submitting a letter by mail.

Credit Repair Lawyers in New York

A lawyer may be able to help improve your credit score by analyzing your credit report and identifying potentially inaccurate information. The attorney can also use their experience to formulate a strategic approach as to how to dispute the error in order to maximize the potential of having it corrected promptly. While each case is unique, and no guarantees of representation are being made, there are certainly instances where collection accounts, judgments, and liens may be deleted from a credit report, resulting in a higher credit score.

If you want to fix your credit report, having the assistance of an experienced credit lawyer can help make the process easier and can ensure that the strategy being employed is the most effective approach under the circumstances. Why trust a self-nominated "credit repair consultant" with your confidential and sensitive credit information when you can have the help of a reputable credit improvement lawyer.

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