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Every client deserves to have a lawyer with the skills, experience, and sensitivity to handle their bankruptcy matter properly. There is no objective test to determine who is "the best lawyer", and you will get different answers based on who you ask. What's really important is that your attorney understands your situation, gives you proper advice for bankruptcy planning, is available to address your questions and concerns, and can help you achieve a successful discharge of your debts.

When trying to determine who's the best bankruptcy lawyer in new york, these are the positive characteristics you should look out for:

  1. An attorney that has a great reputation. Our law firm receive's regular praise from client's for exceeding their expectations with respect to the level of service we provide. Simon Goldenberg has been designated as a Rising Star in the New York Metro areas by Superlawyers.com for the years 2014 & 2015. We have also achieved the client choice award for bankruptcy by Avvo.
  2. A lawyer that is honest about expectations. There is no such thing as a "simple" bankruptcy case. Each matter has to be analyzed under a fine-tooth comb to determine potential issues, so they can be addressed prior to filing.
  3. A firm that is up front about their legal fees and the additional costs of filing for bankruptcy. Our firm tried to work under a flat-fee retainer model to the extend possible. This helps our client's keep their costs under control.
  4. A lawyer that is local to New York City. We have several offices located around the NYC metro area for the convenience of our client's. You want to have a lawyer that is familiar with the court in your jurisdiction, and familiar with the applicable exemptions (such as the New York Homestead Exemption). Our office was recently contacted by a New Yorker that was contemplating hiring a bankrptcy attorney in Chicago, IL. It didn't take more then a few minutes for this individual to realize that hiring a law firm that is far awar can potentially lead to unecessary issues and inconvenience.

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Our lawyers have helped many New Yorkers discharge their credit card and medical debt in chapter 7 bankruptcy, and we have also helped many people avoid bankruptcy through alternate resolution methods such as debt settlement and lawsuit defense.

Having the assistance of an attorney experienced in the nuances of Bankruptcy law can make a world of difference in avoiding potential pitfalls that could cause a chapter 7 Bankruptcy to be denied or even possibly converted to a chapter 13 by the Trustee and the Department of Justice. Proper bankruptcy planning is essential to a successful discharge.

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