Filing Bankruptcy For Medical Bills

Can I Discharge Medical Debts Owed to Hospitals and Doctors?

By discharging medical debts in a chapter 7 bankruptcy, a debtor can avoid the incessant collection calls, threatening letters, and eliminate concerns over being sued for medical bills. Bankruptcy provides powerful protections to debtors and can help eliminate a large amount of healthcare debts, sometimes as quickly as just a few months.

Don't File Bankruptcy On Medical and Hospital Debts Until...

If you were just informed about large medical bills, you might feel inclined to file bankruptcy immediately, in order to relieve yourself from the crushing financial burden and have a fresh start. However, you don't want to file too early. For example, you might be able to file bankruptcy now for the debts that have already accrued. But what if your situation requires additional medical treatments, or additional bills arise after you've filed. Once a petitioner receives a discharged, there is a lengthy waiting period before filing bankruptcy again.

Simply put, it's important to conceptualize whether you are at risk of accruing additional medical bills in the short to mid-terms. Unless there are other compelling factors that raise the imminency of filing, it is best to wait until you have actually accrued all of the debts that you potentially will want to discharge. By filing too early, a debtor may diminish their ability to discharge additional debts that accrue post-filing.

Overwhelmed By Medical Bills?

Regardless of whether you want to reduce hospital bills, restructure the balances, or if you are seeking to discharge the medical debts in bankruptcy, our skilled attorneys can help guide you towards the path of success. Contact us to schedule a free medical debt evaluation and learn your options for relief.

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