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When times are tough, it can be nearly impossible to keep up with the high minimum payments required by private student loan lenders. It sometimes seems that they really don't care about the borrowers income or other hardships, and that they are just interested in getting paid.

Our lawyers help people that have fallen behind on their loan obligations. We negotiate in an effort to reduce the debt to a manageable amount, and sometimes can even arrange for payments to be made in monthly payments.

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CFPB Fined Wells Fargo $3.6 Million

Wells Fargo is has been under a probe by the CFPB for using unlawful methods while servicing private student loans. With over a million student loan borrowers, any violations by Wells Fargo could have the potential for a long reaching impact. Among other issues, Wells Fargo has been accused of charging unlawful late fees and misreporting credit information. Learn more about the consent order between Wells Fargo and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Example Settlements on a Wells Fargo Student Loans*

  1. A client retained our office for assistance with a student loan that she co-signed for a family member. The balance on the debt was approximately $15,500. She contacted us because she could no longer afford to make the required payments and had fell in default. Using our client's hardship information, our attorneys negotiated a settlement in the amount of $5000 to be paid in two monthly installments of $2500. This reduced the debt by over 68%, and help my client save over $10,000 plus the future interest that would accrue. As a result, both the borrower and co-borrower were released from their obligation to Wells Fargo.
  2. A client retained our attorneys for help with two student loans with Wells Fargo that he co-signed for a friend. The friend was nowhere to be found, saddling two co-signers with the burden of the debts. One account had a balance exceeding $12,500, and the second account had a balance of nearly $10,000. Our lawyers conducted negotiations with the debt collectors for Wells Fargo and achieved a reduction of 50% on each account, which amounts to a savings of over $11,000. My client's were no longer obligated to Wells Fargo.

*Prior results do not guarantee future performance. These examples are not to be considered "typical". Each case and client is unique. Contact us for an evaluation of your circumstances.

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