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If you're overwhelmed with business debt, there may be options available to modify your daily payments to a more affordable schedule, or even possibly reduce your debt in a settlement. WG Financing a/k/a World Global Financing Inc. is a provider of alternative business financing, such as commercial loans and merchant cash advances.

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MCA Funding with WG Financing

Under a transaction for a merchant cash advance, they offer a "revenue-based factoring agreement" which stipulates a purchase and sale of future receivables. Specifically, WG Financing is buying out the right to collect the merchants credit card processing receivables. As opposed to a loan, the fee charged on this transaction is not considered interest, and therefore, the fees can be very costly. Many times WG World Global Financing will require the borrower to make daily payments, and may even require the borrower to sign a confession of judgment, which can allow the creditor to enter judgment against the company without having to file a lawsuit and prove the elements of their case. Furthermore, if a personal guarantee is signed, it may allow the creditor to pursue the personal assets of the individual that executed the guaranty instrument.

About World Global WG Financing

They are headquartered at 141 North East 3rd Avenue, Miami, FL, 33132. They claim to offer alternative financing programs to business owners with problematic credit, and they claim to have an approval rate of 80% applicants. They also offer industry specific merchant financing, such as programs tailored to commercial trucking and gas station financing.

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Modifying an obligation for a commercial debt can be challenging, especially if the debt is personally guaranteed, and even moreso if a Confession of Judgment exists. At the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC, our business debt relief team enjoys advocating on behalf of our client's to obtain reasonable resolution options, even on matters that may be deemed too complex by other firms. Options for relief may exist at nearly every stage of the business lending cycle.

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