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Debt Collection DefenseAre you concerned about a debt collection letter from United Recovery Systems LP? They work for credit card lenders and automobile finance companies to collect defaulted debt from consumers.

The debt relief attorneys at the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC can help you understand your options with respect to disputing the debt, negotiating a settlement, or even filing for bankruptcy.

With the assistance of a knowledgable debt lawyer, you will be equipped to ensure that the debt collection claim from United Recovery Systems is valid, and that you will have seasoned negotiators to fight to get you the best deal possible under your circumstances. As part of our debt relief strategy, we develop a "client hardship profile" to provide to debt collectors in an effort to achieve the lowest settlement. We also help protect consumers from aggressive and unsavory debt collection practices.

Background Information on United Recovery Systems

United Recovery Systems LP, also known as Plaza Recovery and United Recovery System, was formed as a business in Texas in 1987 for the purpose of collecting debts. The entity is a Limited Partnership. They collect debts in multiple states, including New York. The company is owned by the Audax Group.

United Recovery Systems LP is licensed by the New York City Department of Consummer Affairs (DCA) under the following licenses: 1304511, 1304544, 1304515, 1304538, 1462910. United Recovery is a member of the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA International). They are also a member of the Commercial Collection Agencies of America.

United Recovery Systems LP acquired a third-party debt collection agency named Enterprise Recovery Systems in 2012.

United Recovery Systems had a file opened with the Better Business Bureau in 1987, but they actually became a BBB Accredited Business in 2012. As of the date of publication of this page (7/20/2015), United Recovery has a BBB rating of A+. Within the past 3-years, 103 complaints have been closed within the BBB, of which 32 complaints have been closed within the past 12 months. Most the complaint pertain to billing and collection Issues, while a smaller amount of complaints pertain to issues with products and service and delivery issues. The principal and the chief compliance officer is listed as Michael K. Strachan.

United Recovery Systems has a primary office located at 5800 North Course Drive, Houston, TX 77072, and are also associate with the following addresses:
6506 South Lewis #260
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136

4351 Winston Ave
Covington, Kentucky 41015

4001 E. 29th St. Suite 130
Bryan, Texas 77802

The debt collectors at United Recovery Systems work for creditors such as Capital One Bank, Toyota Motor Credit, American Express, Chase Bank, and BMG Music Service.

Phone Numbers Possibly Associated with United Recovery Systems

866-582-4085, 866-891-6939, 717-388-4745, 954-333-8287, 407-956-1502, 801-945-9064, 866-284-4374, 626-244-0070, 804-234-9010, 706-478-9229, 877-405-4615, 888-302-4011, 815-549-0643, 301-710-6404, 506-224-4562, 800-236-5496, 516-620-9571, 775-624-9286, 888-593-8403, 866-815-3211, 417-429-0533, 800-662-1877, 478-607-2609, 540-908-2561, 732-410-7129, 646-448-8384, 302-294-8111, 951-324-0533, 866-516-1880, 866-815-8811, 888-733-1270, 401-441-6870, 312-878-2290, 719-623-6593, 214-295-3625, 757-716-7193, 631-443-5960, 718-759-9536, 208-449-1537, 970-212-9374, 888-763-2427, 847-348-8661, 831-515-0087, 866-815-8808, 203-416-8125, 201-499-7445, 802-221-4257, 888-733-1243, 800-236-4300, 703-939-9971, 406-333-0020, 888-733-1264, 888-733-1265, 866-582-4084, 508-202-4699, 817-522-3298, 888-733-1288, 248-686-1287, 253-341-4274, 937-684-4838, 352-414-1921, 307-222-4781, 888-739-0868, 973-988-1838, 732-413-6465, 609-840-8108, 800-326-3446, 801-656-6416, 888-763-2423, 201-490-3006, 210-249-0916, 229-947-4591, 303-993-1554, 317-682-1730, 410-372-4856, 509-591-0512, 614-448-3350, 661-456-0538, 713-260-7627, 800-304-8854, 800-331-8970, 800-658-1164, 800-664-3129, 805-212-9054, 818-630-0047, 866-227-0955, 888-593-8401, 916-760-2381, 972-354-4914, 205-409-2854, 215-825-8547, 305-433-2677, 336-698-3337, 413-382-9700, 503-802-0863, 512-600-1778, 601-308-4113, 618-623-0473, 646-845-0094, 678-918-9086, 713-977-1234, 718-307-5163, 772-446-3285, 800-304-8855, 800-353-5984, 800-658-1175, 801-428-3730, 812-496-4419, 866-447-0446, 866-815-3496, 928-268-3020, 973-557-4516, 206-607-6296, 217-919-0304, 281-925-1514, 360-397-4756, 504-717-2316, 601-714-2099, 619-330-9072, 650-223-0160, 704-401-0719, 714-398-8874, 800-326-0150, 800-658-2184, 866-480-0853, 866-787-0790, 949-243-1020, 224-532-2315, 313-344-0918, 419-558-4157, 507-407-8139, 520-226-9270, 612-208-2948, 651-315-8271, 716-362-6720, 732-372-4267, 800-234-3446, 800-580-8450, 800-658-2192, 803-335-3638, 818-466-0143, 856-827-6885, 866-516-6961, 866-815-0559, 888-810-6790.

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As a matter of business practice, United Recovery System sends out thousands of debt collection letters and phone calls in an attempt to collect on defaulted credit cards and automobile deficientcy balances on behalf of many different banks and lending institutions. This includes debt collection attempts against individuals residing in the state of New York.

Our lawyers help debtors in New York with resolving consumer debt collections. Contact us to learn how we can assist.

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