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At first glance, you might not recognize owing any debt to US Equities. That's because you never actually borrowed anything from them. US Equities Corp is not a bank or lending institution, rather, their business model revolves around buying old defaulted debt at a discount, and then attempting to collect the full balance to get a big profit.

If you owed an unpaid balance on a credit card, your bank might have cut their losses and sold their right to collect the debt to a third party, such as US Equities. However, no assumptions can be made, and it is imperative to review the underlying documents to determine whether you actually owe any debt to U.S. Equities.

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About U.S. Equities

A search of the e-courts system reflects that U.S. Equities Corp has brought over 3000 lawsuits in New York's civil courts. Linda Strumpf, Esq. is listed as the attorney of record for nearly every case brought by U.S. Equities. Many of these cases are reduced to a judgment by default due to non-response by the Defendant. It's important to know that strong defenses may exist against credit card lawsuits, especially cases brought by debt buyers.

Default judgments could arise where the borrower:

  • ignores the Summons & Complaint;
  • responds to the lawsuit insufficiently;
  • misses a required appearance; or
  • the borrower is deprived of the opportunity to respond due to improper or insufficient service of the lawsuit (ie. Sewer Service).

Contact Information

Manta lists a corporate address for U.S. Equities as follows: 111 John Street Room 800, New York, NY 10038

It's worthwhile mentioning that their attorney, Linda Strumpf, maintains an office at the same New York Address.

New York Lawsuit & Judgment Defense

When an lawsuit answer is interposed timely and properly, U.S. Equities must bear the burden of proving their case, including establishing:

  • Their right and standing to sue you;
  • Proving that the debt belongs to you;
  • That the amount was calculated legally and pursuant to an enforceable agreement (or upon accounts-stated).

The attorneys at the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC are experienced with strategies that have proved successfull in resolving lawsuits and judgments from debt buyers such as U.S. Equities Corp. We can help you understand your defenses, help you determine whether the debt is valid, and work to explore resolution options, which may include negotiating a substantial settlement reduction. We cater our representation around your particular goals. Contact us to speak with a dedicated debt defense lawyer.

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