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Debt Collection DefenseThe collection agency known as Transworld Systems has a contract with the Department of Education to collect on defaulted federal student loans. Transworld is also a collector for private student loans, such as those owed to National Collegiate. If you have fallen behind on your government student loans, the collectors at Transworld Systems might try calling you, your co-signers, and your references. They might also send you numerous debt collection letters. As a private agency, they can charge "collection fees" on top of the interest that accrues on the loan principal, sometimes causing balances to increase significantly over time.

Finding a solution isn't always easy. Our student loan lawyers help people understand the status of their loans, and the different potential resolution options, such as student loan settlement, rehabilitation, or even a public service or disability discharge. If you live in New York, our law office will provide you with a free phone evaluation so that we can determine your needs and how we may be of assistance. There is no cost and no obligation for this phone call.

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Background Information on Transworld Systems

In 2004, the parent company of one of the countries largest debt collection agencies, NCO Group, announced that they sold Transworld Systems to Platinum Equity, a private equity firm based in Los Angeles. Under the deal, it appears that the third-party collections that were previously made under NCO would be operated under the Transworld name by the equity group. The transfer included NCO's attorney network and collection for education, healthcare, and government contracts.

Transworld Systems is not accredit by the Better Business Bureau. They do not have any BBB rating as of 7/20/2015. The business started in 1970, and their BBB profile was created in 1979. In the last thirty six months, they have received 119 complaints with the BBB, of which 61 were received within the past year. The principal is listed as Barney Zeng.

Transworld Systems has associated addressed at 507 Prudential Rd, Horsham, PA 19044 and 3725 National Drive #123
Raleigh, NC 27612.

In 2013, Transworld's parent company Expert Global Solutions paid a $3.2 million penalty in relation to allegations that they violated the FTC Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act while collection debts from consumers.

With the assistance of an experienced student loan lawyer, you can better understand the options that may be available to resolve your student loans with Transworld Systems, so that you can make a strategic plan on how you to want to tackle your debt. As part of our assistance, our lawyers can help you understand the differences between student loan consolidation, rehabilitation, student loan settlement, and public service or disability discharge.

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Transworld Systems boasts on it's website that they achieve a success rate of four times the average in the collection industry, and they have collected $6 billion in debt over the past 10 years on behalf of over 60,000 client's ranging from small to large enterprises.

Phone Numbers That May be Associated with Transworld Systems

The following phone numbers are believed to be associated with Trasnworld Systems, their debt collectors, affilitated collection agencies, and collection agents:

201-372-1010, 216-525-1600, 248-680-6676, 253-627-8055, 302-479-7782, 303-770-2232, 314-514-2670, 315-445-1375, 317-843-9205, 414-453-1225, 414-766-1306, 412-829-5131, 425-778-2303, 484-919-8735, 502-429-8024, 507-281-2276, 508-721-7997, 512-346-5696, 513-769-4448, 570-823-9250, 610-240-4750, 614-791-4646, 619-291-0969, 619-298-7103, 631-360-2269, 651-631-2919, 702-382-0058, 703-556-3421, 704-503-1011, 707-236-3790, 707-236-3800, 707-236-3809, 707-236-3910, 707-236-3928, 717-236-3730, 724-321-3175, 762-208-4286, 800-689-9205, 800-305-7186, 804-282-9007, 813-286-2543, 813-425-1182, 847-969-1850, 847-969-7910, 860-257-1532, 864-458-7181, 865-690-6769, 866-307-0229, 866-739-2398, 877-766-2274, 877-377-5378, 888-314-6519, 888-446-4733, 888-643-9658, 909-890-1834, 909-890-1839, 913-677-0020, 915-591-2722, 916-688-8814, 918-492-2180, 918-853-3282, 919-782-6449, 925-931-0097, 941-366-6711, 978-557-2100

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Transworld Systems may be contacting you and your references to try to collect on an overdue federal student loan with the Department of Education. It can be difficult navigating these situations on your own, but you might not know where to turn for reliable help.

Our experienced new york student loan lawyers can help protect from unlawful debt collectors and can advocate to achieve a fair and reasonable result. Each case and client is unique, and as such, results vary. Contact us for a free phone evaluation to learn your options for debt relief.

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