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The law firm of Smith, Carroad, Levy & Wan P.C. is comprised of creditor's-rights and debt collection attorneys. They bring lawsuits against people for old debts owed to credit card companies, medical debts, and other debts. If they obtain a judgment from the court, they may be able to proceed to garnish wages or freeze funds and safety deposit boxes held under the defendants name.

At the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC, we defend people from debt collection lawsuits brought by lawyers such as Smith, Carroad, Levy & Wan. The are a variety of affirmative defenses that may be applicable when defending a legal claim brought in New York. Our lawyers are have developed strategies that have proved to be effective in advocating on behalf of our clients.

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Sample Cases with Smith, Carroad, Levy & Wan P.C.

  1. Our office was hired to assist a consumer in a case where American Express retained the attorneys at Smith, Carroad, Levy & Wan to bring a lawsuit to collect on an debt with a balance exceeding $5500.00. Our client was most interested in entering into a reasonable settlement, as quickly as possible, in order to avoid prolonged litigation. In order to help achieve this client's goal, our attorneys went into action to negotiate an expeditious resolution. In less then 60 days, our attorneys negotiated a settlement of $2000.00, which is a savings of over 63%!
  2. In a case pertaining to medical debt owed to North Shore University Hospital, the debtor retained our office to resolve a judgment that had been entered several years earlier. The judgment balance had accrued to over $1600.00. Through the assistance of our law firm, the client realized elegibility under a financial assistance program through the hospital, and therefore was able to resolve her matter for only $50!

Each case and client is unique, prior result are not indicative of what could transpire in your case. Our lawyers work hard to defend our clients and to achieve a resolution that is fair and reasonable under the circumstances. Call us for a free phone evalution to learn your debt relief options.

More Information about Smith Carroad

Founded as a law firm in 1930, they focus on creditors rights, debt collection, and the enforcement of money judgments. They are members of the Commercial Law League of America, the International Association of Commercial Collectors Inc., and Commecial Lawyers Conference of New York.

They employ the following attorneys for their various legal practices:

  • Robert Levy
  • Timothy Wan
  • Pragna Parikh
  • Janeen M. Howarth
  • Nancy Wasserstein
  • Jay I. Waldhauser
  • Robert H. Montefusco

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