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Rushmore Recoveries is a debt buyer that hires local debt collection lawyers to bring lawsuits in New York. The underlying debts are oftentimes related to old credit cards. If you are subject to a lawsuit or judgment, you may be interested in knowing your options. You might be wondering:

  1. Who is Rushmore Recoveries?
  2. Why do I owe them anything?
  3. Should I pay them?

The debt relief attorneys at the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC are experienced in providing lawsuit defense as well as negotiating settlements to reduce the debt. We help people determine the validity of the debt and explore the available resolution options.

Rushmore Recoveries buy old defaulted debts that have originated with creditors such as Citibank. These debts might be purchased directly from the creditor, or they may have been purchased by Rushmore Recoveries after the debt has already been resold through several debt buying companies.

Rushmore Recoveries is also known under the following entities:

  1. Rushmore Recoveries II, LLC
  2. Rushmore Recoveries III, LLC
  3. Rushmore Recoveries, IV, LLC
  4. Rushmore Recoveries VI, LLC
  5. Rushmore Recoveries VII, LLC
  6. Rushmore Recoveries VIII, LLC
  7. Rushmore Recoveries IX, LLC
  8. Rushmore Recoveries X, LLC
  9. Rushmore Recoveries XI, LLC
  10. Rushmore Recoveries XII, LLC
  11. Rushmore Recoveries XIV, LLC

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