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Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd.

If you've received a letter or phone call from the collection agents at Philips & Cohen Associates, Ltd., they are most likley calling with respect to an outstanding credit card or student loan debt.

You might be wondering:

  • Is Phillips & Cohen Associates a legitimate agency?
  • Do you really owe the debt to their alleged client?
  • Is the balance accurate?
  • Should you pay them?

The debt relief lawyers at the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC help people find solutions to their defaulted debts. We protect our client's from unlawful debt collection practices, we dispute false debts, and we negotiate settlements (where applicable).

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About Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd.

Although their company name sounds like a law firm, they are actually non-attorney debt collectors with primary office based in Delaware. They were founded in 1997. Their office had been subject to investigation by the Federal Trade Commission with respect to complaints of violations to certain consumer laws. They sometimes deal with specialty status debts, such as debts owed by a deceased individual which may be subject to collection from an estate. They also claim to collect on debts that may be subject to a consumers "cease & desist request". We have received information that collection phone calls from this agency may appear as 866-654-5605. They collect on credit card debts, student loans, utility, and healthcare/medical debt.

The collection agency of Philips & Cohen Associates is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Complaints about Philips & Cohen may be directed to their compliance department, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or your lawyer if you have one.

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Our attorneys assist with debt negotiations, disputing, restructuring, and bankruptcy. We provide professional guidance with a goal of achieving the best possible results under the circumstances of any given matter. Our experienced lawyers have helped many people resolve their debts, both inside and outside of court. Contact us for a free phone evaluation to learn your options for debt relief.

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