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If you've received a lawsuit or judgment from Scott & Associates PC in Rochester, NY, you may have questions about:

  1. Who is Scott & Associates PC?
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You have rights! Defenses to your debt may exist, and you may be able to fight, discharge, or even the settle the debt at a reduced amount in monthly payments.

Background Information on Michael J. Scott & Associates PC

As per the BBB, Scott & Associates P.C. was formed by attorney Michael J. Scott, esq. in May 2000. They have headquarters in Carrollton, Texas, and also operate out of Rochester, NY. The firm has also been known as Scott, Parnell & Associates, PC. On 6/10/2016, the BBB displays an A+ rating, with 12 complaints closed in the prior 36 months.

They may attempt collection on defaulted credit card, student loan, and medical debts in New York State. Their office oftentimed reperesents debts buyers with respect to brigning lawsuits to collect on old debts.

Examples of companies that Michael J. Scott and Associates PC may represent are: LVNV Funding and Crown Asset Management

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Information for for law firm of Scott and Associates PC

Micahel J. Scott PC - 1120 Metrocrest, Suite 100, Carrollton , Texas 75006

Scott and Associates, P.C. - 28 East Main Street, Suite 500, Rochester, New York 14614

Recent Developments

We have information that indicates that the law office of Fulton, Friedman & Gullace, LLP has been merged with, acquired by, or has otherwise entered into relationship with Scott and Associates PC.

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