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Our legal team at the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg, PLLC has recently experienced an increase in the amount of inquiries from businesses seeking help with defaulted Merchant Cash Advance debts. If you've fallen behind on an MCA and have been unable to come to terms with the funding company, the funder may elect to bring a lawsuit. If a judgment is entered, the creditor may be able to excercise remedies such as wage garnishment, asset seizure, and entering liens. If you reside outside of New York, the creditor may try to domesticate the judgment in your state.

It is not uncommon for some MCA contracts to specify that any litigation would be venued in New York. As such, businesses from across the country are finding that legal action has been brought against them in New York. Only an lawyer licensed to practice law in the State of NY can defend such an action.

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We've noticed that many lawsuits brought on behalf of LG Funding LLC are being represented by Gene W. Rosen, Esq., Of Counsel to the Law Office of Alan J. Sasson, P.C. The lawsuits oftentimes allege that the merchant has breached the Purchase And Sale of Future Receivables agreement, causing the balance to become accelarated and immediately due in full. As a condition to issuing a cash advance, LG Funding oftentimes require a guarator to execute a Security Agreement and Guaranty, which can cause the signer to become personally liable for the debt.

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Address: LG Funding, LLC, 1218 Union Street, Suite 2, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Phone number: 800-419-1160

Phone number: 212-444-9858

Fax number: 718-732-4512

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At the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC, Our debt relief attorneys are reputed for providing zelous defense to debt collection lawsuits in addition to assisting with resolving debts in pre-litigation and post-judgment status'. Each case is unique and as such, we always strive to identify any and all possible resolution options, which may include settlement reductions and repayment plans. MCA debts and business loans can easily become overwhelming during times of fiscal instability. Having a professional to assist you through your options can make a substantial difference in how your matter is resolved.

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Last Updated 8/4/2017

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