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You might be wondering:

  • Do you really owe money to JH Portfolio Debt Equities, LLC?
  • Is the balance accurate?
  • Did they sue you within the statute of limitations?
  • Is this a legitimate debt, or a scam?
  • How do you fight their claims?

Our lawyers help people fight lawsuits, resolve judgments, and settle debts. It's important to understand that consumers have certain rights and defense when faced with legal action. If a legal matter is not property addressed, a judgment may be entered in court, which may ultimately allow the Plaintiff to pursue a wage garnishment, freeze bank accounts, or even place a lien on real property in New York. Even if a Marshal or Sheriff is involved, it still may not be too late to get legal help.

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JH Portfolio Debt Equities, LLC buys large portfolios of debt in order to collect on the full balance. Oftentimes, they bring lawsuits directly or through an affiliated JHPDE Finance 1 company to enforce judicial remedies against borrowers and to maximize their collections. For example, in New York City, they sometimes use the collection law firms of:

They also have used the Credit Control LLC as a private debt collection agency.

JH Portfolio Debt Equities, LLC has a B- rating with the Better Business Bureau (last checked: 11/23/2015). According to the BBB profile, they were founded around January 2009. Their address is listed as P.O. Box 339, Woodland Hills, CA 91365. They buy debts that originated with Banks such as Citibank from either original creditors, or from other debt buyers, and then they try to collect as much as possible from the full outstanding balance.


A debt relief attorney can help you understand the merits (and issues) of the Plaintiff's case. Residents of New York City have broad protections against deceptive and misleading debt collection practices. When JH Portfolio Debt Equities brings a lawsuit, the burden falls on them to prove their case, so long as the Defendant asserts their defenses properly and timely.

Our lawyers can request evidence such as the application for credit, statements, and notice of assignment. Even in situations where the debt appears to be legitimate, our negotiators have been successful in achieving reasonable settlement arrangements for client's in the past. Sometimes, settlements will result in a substantial reduction to the amount initially claimed. Learn more about your debt relief options by contacting our office.

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