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Debt Collection DefenseJ.C. Christensen & Associates Inc is a debt collection agency in Sartell, Minnesota that operates across multiple states. They are NOT a BBB accredited business, but they do carry a current rating of A+ (as of 7/20/2015). The business was commenced in 1974, and a file with the Better Business Bureau was created in 1999. They are also known as "JCC" , "Array Services Group", and JC Christensen and Assocs.

If their debt collectors have called you or sent you a letter, you may be wondering where to turn for reliable advice and representation. If you are looking for options on how to fight, settle, or discharge your debt, the debt lawyers at the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC can help guide you through the process while protecting you from unlawful debt collector harassment.

With the assistance of our experiences lawyers, you can better understand the resolution options that may be available to you, so you can make the best possible decision on how you want to handle your debt collections matter.

Our attorneys will ascertain your hardship information and financial ability so as to build a successful plan for debt relief. It's important to know that you can have an aggressive professional to advocate on your behalf.

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Background Information on J.C. Christensen & Associates Inc

J.C. Christensen and Assocs is a division, subsidiary, or related entity to the Array Services Group, which also includes CareCall Inc. and Prosource.They are an account-receivable management company, also known as a debt collection agency. According to their website, they have been operating as debt collectors for over 36 years, and claim to have over 150 employees. They claim to be certified in Professional Management Practices by ACA International.

J.C. Christensen & Associates, Inc.
215 N Benton Drive
Sauk Rapids, MN 56379-1530

In the last thirty-six months, 91 complaints have been closed with the BBB, of which in prior twelve months, 25 complaints have been closed. Most of the complaints pertained to billing and collection issues and issues with products and services. The princiapl and director of finance of J.C. Christensen & Associates Inc is listed as Jayme Woehl.

J.C. Christensen and Associates acts as a third-party to assist in the collection of credit cards and medicals debts for creditors, hospital, and other instituations.

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Cases Against J.C. Christensen and Assocs

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The above cases are unrelated to our law firm. Our attorneys are not involved these matters, and they are being referenced only for general informational purposes.

How can a lawyer help you resolve your debt collection matter?

As part of being a debt collection agency J.C. Christensen & Associates Inc makes attempts to collect debt by phone and by mail on behalf of their credit client's. A debt relief lawyer can help protect from abusive collectors and advocate to achieve a fair resolution. Each case and client is unique, and as such, results vary. Contact our New York Law Firm for a free phone evaluation to learn your options for debt relief.

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