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Debt Collection DefenseDo you have an outstanding judgment or collection account with Commonwealth Financial Systems? Have they put a negative notation on your credit report, or are you having trouble with a real estate transaction due to a judgment for an old credit card or medical debt?

You have rights! Defenses to your debt may exist, and you may be able to fight, discharge, or even the settle the debt at a reduced amount in monthly payments.

At the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg PLLC, our lawyers help people resolve their debts. We defend consumers from debt collection lawsuits and protect them from unlawful collection activity. Even if your wages are being garnished, or your bank account is frozen, it may not be too late to get help. We are a debt relief law firm, and can advise you as to all legal options, which may include debt defense, credit repair, debt settlement, and bankruptcy.

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Background Information on Commonwealth Financial Systems, Inc.

Commonwealth Financial Systems, Inc. is a debt buyer and portfolio management company founded in 2001 with headquarters located at 245 Main St. Dickson City, PA 18519. Ther purchased another debt collection agency called Northeat Credit and Collections, also known as NCC. They claim to have been in business for over 25 years. They handle Third Party Debt Collections in addition to debt purchasing, financial and retail services for commercial, governmental, and medical client's.

As of the date that this page was published, Commonwealth Financial Systems has a rating of B with the Better Business Bureau, and has had 234 complaints filed with the BBB, with 205 of those complaints pertaining to Billing and Collection issues.

A report in 2014 states that Commonwealth Financial Systems owed 1.5 million in sales tax to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. It appears that a lien of over 2 million was entered against the company as a result of the sales tax liability.

Sample Cases Represented by the Law Office of Simon Goldenberg*

In Commonwealth Financial Systems v EH, the Plaintiff hired a debt collection law firm in New York to bring suit on two accounts in 2007, and subsequently, judgments were entered by default. In 2015, the defendant became aware that the cases were brought against him and furthermore became concerned that the judgments can result in his bank accounts being frozen, a lien placed against real estate, or a wage garnishment, and as such, he hired us. The original judgment amounts with Commonwealth Financial were $2100 and $5300 respectively, and with statutory interest that accrued, the total outstanding balance was in excess of $10,000. Through the efforts of our new york debt lawyer, we settled each matter for $500.00 (total $1000), which amounted to an overall reduction of over 90% of the outstanding balance.

Results vary. Contact us to learn your options for debt resolution.

Debt Lawyers in New York

You may have strong defenses to your debt with Commonwealth Financial Systems. You have rights that protect you from malicious debt collection attempts. In New York City, consumers are entitled to additional protections under the New York administrative code. Our New York Debt Lawyers are well versed in the nuances of debt collection laws, and can advocate to help you achieve a resolution.

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*Each case is unique. Prior results do not guarantee future performance. The case summaries listed on this website are sample cases, they do not reflect the entirety of the cases our office may have addressed with that entity, they are not necessarily chosen to reflect our "average" results or most common results, and the listed results are not indicative of what might be achievable for another client. All listed figures are approximations, and despite our best efforts to maintain accuracy, may be subject to typographical error or other bona-fide human error, for which we make no warranties or guarantees. The federal cases that may be listed on this page against the creditor or collection entity are not purported to be brought by our law firm. Unless otherwise specified, these federal cases are unrelated to our law firm.

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